What is Garnet Meaning, Healing Properties, Usages

Garnet is a new rising name amongst the popular crystals. Shining brightly and immersed in energy, Garnet gives off the vibe of a powerful & active presence. But you may ask yourself: What is Garnet meaning, healing properities, usages? 

In this article, we will cover the basic information that you need to know about Garnet to use it effectively.

1. What is garnet?

There are many incredibly popular stones in the market, ones that have already been proven to be healing and beneficial. But none of them glitters like the garnet stone. Today, you’ll learn just about how potent it is and why it refuses to be boring.

1.1 Meaning of garnet

Meaning of garnetGarnet refers to a collective name for a group of minerals that boasts a wider range of red and orange hues. Some of these minerals include uvarovite, grossular, almandine, mozambique, pyrope, andradite, and spessartine.

Garnet gemstones can be sourced in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. They can also be found in volcanic eruptions, lava flow, and in magma chambers. The stones are also present in the soil formed when rocks that bear garnet disintegrate. Meanwhile, the stones form when sedimentary rocks, which are laden with aluminum.

1.2 History of garnet

History of garnetAccordingly, these stones have been around for more than 5000 years, standing the test of time quite assertively. Today, these stones are mostly used in jewelry.

Garnet’s durability and popularity have been proven to be enduring since it was discovered. For one, the king of Saxony is believed to have owned a garnet that boasted over 465 carats; Plato, on his end, was rumored to have his portrait engraved on a garnet.

Bohemia, which is now a part of Czechoslovakia, was once deemed a massive source of garnet. In the same country, there was a time when cutting, polishing, and mounting garnets were considered to be one of the richest industries.

Meanwhile, there were many Bohemian churches and castles featuring impeccable interiors all decorated with garnet. These Bohemian garnets are now even more famous today, right with their small albeit attractive stones, ones that also resemble a pomegranate; on the other hand, the Anglo-Saxons were also widely believed to be enamored with garnets, so much so that their jewelry featured garnets mounted in numerous forms.

While garnet stones are mostly mined in every continent in the world, they can be found from Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Garnet jewelry is still sourced in Czech Republic, with the stones arranged in this familiar, tightly-formed attraction. In terms of varieties, the stones come in many forms, all thanks to their abundance and availability. 

2. Garnet healing properties

Garnet healing propertiesEssentially a stone that has the propensity to mend, the healing properties of garnet are numerous. Whether the one you got shimmers red, green, or gold, the stone still boosts self-confidence and sexual energy. It also makes sincerity even truer.

In a world where standing strong and proud is necessary in order to thrive, the garnet stone can come in handy. But this isn’t the only benefit that you may experience once you get a hold of this stone. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits that are associated with this sparkling crystal.

2.1 Healing properties

2.1.1 Physical

GarnetFor users who struggle with issues surrounding physical intimacy such as low libido, getting one garnet stone is enough to manage your sexual dilemmas. Known as a potent sexual stone, garnets are capable of lighting a fire to your energy, bringing a flow of energy that is needed for such undertakings. 

The garnet stone is also thought to be a “glorious” stone, one that helps you flush out body toxins, while keeping your circulation strong. The same stone is also used when you want to keep your blood flow in check. The same can be said if you’d want to get your heart beating and metabolism working. 

On the other hand, if you feel like your body is in need of more nutrients, the garnet stone can also come in handy.

2.1.2 Mental and emotional 

 garnetIn terms of building relationships, garnet is quite a gem, no pun here. The stone is known to clear out unwanted and negative energies through flushing of toxins, not only out of your body, but also life.

The garnet stone is also said to be working closely with grounding chakras, keeping its bearers safe and steady on their feet. These same users are also less likely to fall into traps of jealousy and self-doubt, traits that can hinder building relationships with your loved ones. 

Regarded as a highly “uplifting” stone, garnet is one of the best talismans around that can help you balance out yourself. It keeps you supported and nurtured, all thanks to its deep-healing properties. 

If you also feel like you’re in an emotional rollercoaster for quite some time, the garnet stone can keep you off. It is thought to feature an ability that ensures your self-esteem is relatively high enough that you associate yourself with healthier choices. A more positive point of view of life can also be experienced when one bears a garnet stone.

Easily the most beneficial virtue that comes from a garnet is its ability to allow its bearer to overcome depression. The stone is said to dissolve any persistent behavioral patterns that are deemed to be no longer positive. The stone also aids users in letting go, especially of those that are already old and useless.

We all have crises in our lives, that’s a given. But if you intend to talk yourself out of it, the garnet stone is also said to accompany you in this journey. The way it does that is that it gets your survival instinct in gear, making sure that whatever trouble is looming ahead, you are at your very best and that you are all equipped to handle it. 

2.1.3 Metaphysical

garnetDid I mention grounding? Yes, the garnet stone is closely linked to that grounding force emanating from root chakras. And as the base chakra is considered one of the most essential chakras there is, bearing this stone ensures safety down the line. When safety is part of the equation, that goes without saying that you will be able to come up with choices that are connected to your very well-being.

The garnet stone likewise works well with the sacral chakra, the base of all creativity in the universe, along with our sexual versions. If you feel like stirring up chi or allow some light to flow in your chakras, take heed of this stone and its resplendent passion therein.

2.2 Zodiac

garnetThe garnet stone’s ruby red colors are believed to benefit Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Virgo as their guiding light. The stone also serves as a traditional zodiac stone for Aries, lending itself well enough to provide strength from the soul and a dauntless heart to its users.

Considered a sun sign, the glow that comes from a garnet stone is said to bring gentle relief and radiance among its bearers. And when Aries is in need of a helping hand to garner respect outwardly, the garnet may serve as a bringer of this need.

Another zodiac sign that is thought to benefit from the garnet stone is Leo. As Leos are noted for their often fiery dispositions in life, along with strength and courage, the stone can mirror all of these and amplify them in the process.

3. How to use garnet

A well-noted stone for travelers, garnets have already been used in bead jewelry since 3000 BC. Today, these stones still remain to be a prominent feature in gemstone jewelry; for some, they used the stone as an amulet in reiki healing and Feng Shui. Here are the many ways you can welcome the glow of this stone in your life:

3.1 Jewelry

garnetThe garnet stone boasts a force that stirs the human soul, and this can be experienced simply by wearing garnet jewelry. 

Like other healing stones, garnets can also be worn as a bracelet, a ring, and even a pendant. If you want to feel more power from them, place them directly on your skin. With this approach, their healing vibrations flow through effectively, while also connecting to your chakras.

If you feel like mixing and matching stones, look no further than the tandem of garnet and obsidian. The latter is thought to amplify the passionate energy that comes from the garnet stone. In terms of protection, you can also use tourmaline.

For a different kind of crystal healing, the energy that vibrates from the rose quartz crystal is thought to magnify its intention to balance the sexual prowess out of the garnet stone. This ensures that the bearers enjoy both a healthy and balanced coalescence across their bodies, minds, and souls.

3.2 Home and office

garnetYou can also bring the garnet stone’s host of benefits into your home.

For one, if you intend to boost your sex drive, you can place garnets right in the confines of your bedroom. If creativity is needed, you can also put one in your office or studio space as this should tap your imaginative ideas.

Now, if your house is struggling from a disrupted harmony, the garnet stone can serve as an amazing crystal that should bring peace and positivity in every interaction. This is especially true when the stone is placed in a shared space.

If you’re a traveler, the garnet stone can accompany you. You can begin your journey with it by simply stashing one in your backpack. So just how does the stone stay true to someone who is an adventurer? Accordingly, the stone is an excellent illuminator, protecting you in your worldly adventures by finding you ways to survive.

4. How to cleanse garnet

garnetWhen you keep your garnet stone all cleansed and charged, you can only expect its power to be that strong and filling. 

For bearers who resonate with garnet’s rippling energies, a regular cleansing is a must as this will ensure that any negative energy won’t interfere in the process. 

To cleanse your garnet stone, use soap to make it shine again. Also, ensure that the water is not that hot as the stone comes with its own warmth. Next, rinse the stone and dry it completely. 

Ultrasonic treatments also gained popularity nowadays, except the demantoid variety. It is also strongly discouraged that you steam clean your garnet. And as with other stones, ensure that you keep the stone away from elements that could affect its potency such as harsh temperatures, chemicals, and sharp blows.

If your garnet stone is particularly lacking some volume in terms of power, you can recharge it by leaving it on top of rock crystals. These crystals should absorb all the bad vibes in it, ensuring that the flow of love is not disrupted.

5. FAQs

5.1 How to check if garnet is real?

garnetIf the garnet stones in front of you are too perfect,  chances are they may be synthetic. This type of garnet is both created and carefully designed in a laboratory setting, making sure that their chemical and “natural” qualities are on a par with that of the original. 

Artificial garnets are also prone to melting and that their colors fade eventually, especially when they are dealt with boiling water. 

As it is, natural garnet stones almost always feature imperfections. Nevertheless, these flaws are what make them unique and easily identifiable. 

5.2 Does using garnet have side effects?

garnetYes, the use of the garnet stone has side effects — all of which are beneficial to its users. For instance, the stone can aid users if they have communication issues, both verbal and non-verbal. The stone also brings about fairness and impartiality.

The garnet stone is thought to alleviate dependency on other hosts as well. If you feel stuck in a moment, the stone can also incorporate changes in your life, ones that you might have already been longing for.

Another side effect of the garnet stone is in the wearer’s endocrine system; it is also said to balance all bodily hormones. The same can be true for your moods and emotions.

6. Final thoughts

In conclusion: What is garnet?

Garnet is one glorious stone, all right, one that also refuses to be common. And for good reason: The stone simply provides innumerable benefits there are in its league. And whether it is in the physical, mental, or metaphysical, the stone is all ready to give you just about the most well-rounded set of positive energies you’ve been longing for. We hope by the end of this article, you can already answer the question of What is Garnet meaning, healing properties, usages by yourself.

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"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

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