What is Carnelian Meaning, Healing Properties, Usages

As beautiful and versatile as carnelian is, it isn’t the only feature that makes this crystal even more popular. Whether you’re rooting for its boosting power in creativity or its physical healing properties, there is so much more to be had if you’re bearing a carnelian crystal right in your pocket.

Today, allow me to indulge you on just how much you’re missing out if you don’t have one at your disposal yet.

1. What is carnelian?

CarnelianCarnelian is an orange-red variation of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline quartz mineral most commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. As a member of the chalcedony family, it has this familiar translucency that easily glides to the opaqueness of quartz. Meanwhile, the hues this crystal embodies range from a pale orange, pink, and red, to almost black coloration, with its color dependent on the composition of the mineral.

1.1 Carnelian history

CarnelianWhile the carnelian crystal has already boasted many usages and purposes since it was discovered, its natural ability to enliven the spirits of its bearers is ultimately its core quality. 

Accordingly, orators and warriors used the stone to increase their courage — whether they needed it on the battlefield or in the auditorium. These people would typically hang the crystal around their necks while resting upon their chests.

The same confidence is being sought today from carnelian. It is thought to eradicate doubts, opening doors to its users, ones that were initially closed due to fear or timidity.

The carnelian was also celebrated as the “Sunset Stone,” which especially resonated with the Egyptians. The belief emanated from the stone’s resemblance to the vibrant color the sun wears once it sets over the horizon. In addition, the stone was thought to provide this rich warmth to any soul that may be shrouded with shadows.

Other Egyptians, particularly those who dabbled in architecture, would wear carnelian to show their ranks. During the Middle Ages, some alchemists would simply boil the stone to activate energies from other chalcedonies. 

Apart from Egypt, carnelian was also said to have been used by wizards. On top of these usages is the utilization to trigger powers coming from other stones. Many also deemed the stone a status symbol, so much so that some would wear it to protect themselves from illnesses or avert calamity.

Meanwhile, the carnelian was considered the first stone on the breastplates of High Priests in ancient times. The stone also garnished the New Jerusalem’s sixth foundation wall.

According to the Archbishop of Mainz, the carnelian significance was the martyr’s venerable blood during the first centrury; the crystal was associated with St. Bartholomew, which signified his martyrdom. Finally, it symbolized the martyrs’ blood, which kept its users away from plagues and illnesses.

Also called Odem or Sardius, carnelian was also once considered a vital accompaniment among the Arabs and Hebrews who only wanted to prevent illnesses. 

Carnelian features numerous names throughout history, all indicating a particular value. Some of these names include Sardonyx, Carnelian Agate, Cornelian, and Carnelian.

2. Carnelian healing properties

2.1 Physical

CarnelianIn terms of balancing body energy levels, carnelian stones are king. They increase coordination during physical exercises and serve as training aids. These stones are also believed to stimulate your muscles, allowing oxygen to flow as it should. On the other hand, the stone’s warm nature allows its bearers to heal stiff sections of their bodies, making them feel “looser” and “freer.”

Another component in you that gets stimulated when you have a carnelian at your disposal is your sexual energy. The same can be said if you intend to boost fertility. One surefire way to take advantage of this is by placing one crystal in your bedroom.

Carnelian is also said to be quite helpful in relation to healing your body, particularly with the liver, stomach, adrenal glands, and even the digestive system itself. Likewise, it can alleviate skin conditions, remedy issues on appetite, and correct throat problems. You can also rely on a carnelian to treat bladder and kidney diseases.

2.2 Mental and emotional

CarnelianThe mental and emotional benefits one can receive from a carnelian stone are also numerous. For instance, the crystal is thought to help users improve their cognitive abilities or even enhance their intelligence. If you need your creativity juice flowing through writing, dancing, or singing, carnelian can also encourage and bolster one’s efforts.

The carnelian crystal can also relieve those who struggle with depression and anxiety. And for those who might need a boost physically or need motivation, the stone can very well come in handy.

Alongside these, the carnelian crystal can also stimulate your mind, specifically when it comes to analysis and logical thinking. Another component that can be improved in this section is your ability to learn and increase memory.

If you classify yourself as a workaholic or highly competitive, the carnelian crystal can help you in these departments. For users who have tendencies to be indecisive or perfectionists, carnelian is also said to be beneficial.

For the timid and the shy, the carnelian crystal can come to rescue you as it can give you a push when speaking is required right in front of an audience. If your job demands more, a carnelian can help support you with that endeavor.

2.3 Metaphysical

CarnelianThe carnelian crystal is known to be connected to three lower chakras — all of which are associated with the root chakra. For the uninitiated, this is the chakra that needs activating if one needs to be grounded or balanced. 

The carnelian stone is also linked to the sacral chakra, with its crystal healing abilities ranging from stimulating appetites to boosting listless demeanors.

The final chakra that is associated with the carnelian is the solar plexus chakra, the chakra that handles our personalities, egos, and identities. The stone can amplify the fighting spirit in you while allowing us to overcome whatever obstacles we face. 

In terms of prosperity and good luck, carnelian is also thought to be such a magnet of these. So much so that it is used by people who need a healthy dose of good fortune in their lives. As a crystal of drive, determination, and ambition, carnelian also protects its users from the often slow energies that usually come from sluggish or incompetent co-workers. 

Meanwhile, for users who feel like they are colder spiritually and emotionally than others, carnelian can likewise give them that sought-after energy and revitalize their soul in the process. A new phase of life is also in the cards for those who have one, transforming you into someone you were supposed to be on this planet.

Carnelian can also remind its users of the significance of warmth. As it is, you will benefit from really feeling the warm summer days or the wonders one should feel when dealing with winter fires in a cold environment. When your spirit is warm, it allows you to feel connected to your body, with safety and acceptance flowing right through it. 

With these components, carnelian enables us to take chances, enveloped by an energy that piles on the warmth of security from friends who are only after our general well-being. 

Women can also benefit from the wondrousness of carnelian. For one, it can aid them during their moon cycle, connecting the bodily process with the spirit world. 

For men, carnelian is an excellent stone to own when one is trying to recall women’s sacredness. It also allows them to remember that in them runs the red blood that came from their mother.

In its entirety, carnelian is a potent reminder of just how beneficial it is to reconnect with our bodies from time to time, to feel vigor and vitality, which are both essential to thrive in life.

2.4 Carnelian associations

CarnelianCarnelian serves as the traditional zodiac sign for Virgo. As the star sign of The Virgin, it doesn’t come quite surprising that the crystal resonates well with women. The only sign that is represented by a female, people who are bearing this sign are noted for being reliable and boast an excellent memory.

Carnelian is also deemed a Seeker Transformer crystal. Users who acclimate with the stone should enjoy the crystal energy structure generated from it, aligning you to its natural energy, to the human mind’s natural power, and ultimately leading you to new possibilities.

The carnelian stone should vibrate well with scientists, adventurers, hunters, explorers, and wanderers. They can also work effectively with students and researchers who intend to direct and point.

As a crystal that piles more on transformation, the carnelian stone can also enhance efforts that finally change circumstances, and even health, prospects, and relationships. With the crystal at your disposal, it is thought to allow you to learn many different things that were left untackled or unpolished.

3. How to cleanse carnelian

CarnelianAs with other crystals, carnelian crystals also require much care to bring out their real potential. 

One way to ensure that their powers are amplified is by means of cleansing them with water. The element neutralizes any negative energy stored in the crystal, reverting it to its natural state. While it is encouraged that you cleanse it with natural-running water such as a river or stream, you can also use a tap. Either way, make sure that the crystal is entirely submerged before patting it dry. 

4. How to use carnelian

CarnelianOne of the popular ways, and therefore beneficial, to use a carnelian is by wearing it on your ring finger. The followers of the Islamic religion are widely seen to be praying with this ring on their fingers while making requests — amplifying their prayers a thousandfold.

On the other hand, the gemstone’s colors simply blend nicely with most skin types, making it the easiest to mix and match with. 

You can place a carnelian on your front door as a home decor to invite more prosperity into your fold. Alternatively, you can put one in the central part of your home. This placement can attract peace, balance, and harmony to all those who inhabit the place.

The same placement can also activate many of the carnelian crystal’s healing properties, enabling not only you but your loved ones to resist illnesses or convalesce speedily if they are already feeling under the weather.

When you place a carnelian crystal on the west side of your home, it is said to foster productivity and creativity. Putting in the south side, on the other hand, attracts more luck and success.

5. FAQs

5.1 How much is carnelian

CarnelianCarnelian is generally pricey and with good reason. The crystal is time-honored as it has many linkages to the past. It is also regarded as valuable as precious stones, so much so that it is only restricted to the elite part of society. Moreover, it has always been associated with people who belong to the top of the food chain, especially regarding authority and financial power.

Jewelers and enthusiasts know that the carnelian’s bright red variety is the most valuable. Those that feature the reddish-orange hues are also sought-after.

As a general rule of thumb, when a carnelian crystal increases in carat weight, it becomes pricier. Another factor that affects its pricing is the supplier country. Most high-quality carnelians are sourced in India and Madagascar.

The carnelian crystal can be purchased anywhere from USD 10 to 50, depending on the carat weight.

5.2 How to check if carnelian is real

CarnelianOne way to identify natural carnelian crystals from the unnatural ones is by holding them against the light. Varieties that are dyed and heat-treated agate show stripes, while authentic carnelians come with a relatively cloudier color distribution.

6. Final thoughts

Hello there. So, after getting all of these details out in the open, what is carnelian now for you?

If you’re going to ask me, the renowned stone isn’t one that allows it to be called a common gemstone. And whether we’re dealing with its bevy of benefits, its colorful history, or how easy it is to incorporate the stone into our lives, there is now this lingering feeling that the bearers of the famed crystal will have nothing but excitement once they get a hold of the stone.

You can start experiencing the wonders the carnelian crystal offers when you look into our Carnelian collection.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger