Crystal Use


Balance and heal the mind, body & soul

Release emotional stress

Positive communication

Protection from spiritual harm

Clear the mind from stress, anger, fear or sadness

Crystal Use


Success & happiness

Prosperity, abundance & good energy

Manifesting goals

Clearing negative thinking

Raising self-confidence

Crystal Use

Clear quartz

Balance, Clarity & Purity

Amplify vibration

Connect to higher self

Enhance the energy of other crystals

Absorb, release & balance energy

crystal use

Rose Quartz

Unconditional love

Self love, empathy and kindness

Get love back to you

crystal use


Intellect, trust and consciousness

Help us learn, understand, make decisions

Magnifesting our goal

Crystal Use

Moon stone

Mothering, Nurturing & Intuitive

Inner growth, personal strength

New beginning

Love & positive emotions

Crystal use


Keep the truth

Help us recognize the weakness and strength

Protection from emotional exhaustion 

Warding off negativity

Acceptance & Forgiveness

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