Best Crystals for Love & How to Use Them: The Guide

Crystals aren't just ordinary rocks. Some of these rocks can also bring that much-needed sparkle to your love life. Well, "spark," if you will! And you'll get only the most potent out of them if you finally consider the best crystals for love and how to use them. Today, you're in luck, as I'm about to reveal the most sought-after crystals as you begin your search for love.

What is love, anyway? For most, one of the more important facets of love is the one we build for ourselves. While this one is crucial, it is also one of the trickier parts of having a deeper relationship with ourselves, especially when we try to heal.

Self-love can also mean committing yourself to keep that often elusive sense of happiness and well-being, ones that should be held in high regard. When self-love is achieved, you can only be sure that building relationships in the process; whether it is associated with work or someone else or going through some heartbreak, the transitioning can go as smoothly and beneficial. 

1. Crystals and love

Crystals and loveAccording to paleontologist Aza Derman from the Astro Gallery of Gems, "Minerals have positive energy." She also shared that all crystals feature variations of positive energy, adding that they are expressions that boast chemical energy.

On the other hand, each of these crystals comes with an identity and energy that are also unique. In distinct ways in which energies from crystals are transferred to chakras to relieve pain and ailments, some energies from these stones can also be used to attract vital components in the universe — one of which is love.

For crystals that are associated with love, "Crystal Bible" author revealed that "Ancient jewelry was much more than mere adornment," continuing that these same attractive stones were often offered to Venus, the goddess of love, along with her many guises such as Inanna or Ishtar in Babylon, Aphrodite in Greece, and even Hathor in Egypt. Ultimately, these offerings brought love and devotion to their bearers.

In addition, Hall revealed that the pink and blue-green crystal varieties belonged traditionally to the goddess of love. Nowadays, Venus stones are encouraged if you intend to attract or keep and harness love in the world.  

2. Top 5 crystals for love

2.1 Rose quartz

Rose quartzConsidered the most mainstream out of all quartz in the bunch, rose quartz is commonly used by those who seek unconditional love.

This "beginner's love" and "all-purpose" stone carries the feminine energy of peace and compassion. As early as 600 BC, rose quartz was traditionally called the Heart Stone.

When we take into account "unconditional love" a little more closely, it doesn't just merely rest on "love" in itself. It can also mean a lot of things, like promoting self-love. This can be achieved by simply wearing one near the heart chakra.

Meanwhile, rose quartz is a suggested stone for seekers of romance. It can also be used by those who attempt to navigate the feelings of complexity that come from many aspects of love. As such, the stone can be worn if you need to love yourself more or try to heal familial love down the line.

The easiest way to attract love from rose quartz is holding one in your hand with an affirmation that piles on the importance of attraction in this regard.

How to use rose quartz

Rose quartz can be used in many ways. You may include them in rituals, wear them on your body, place them under your pillow, and even decorate your home with them.

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2.2 Green aventurine

Green aventurineAre you in a rut and planning to turn up the romance? The green aventurine crystal can come to your rescue.

They say the green aventurine crystal is the stone you have to cling to when you're looking to steer the boat of luck in a different direction. The term "aventurine" originates from the Italian word "a ventura," which entails "by chance."

While love is often associated with the pink color, green is considered a more accurate representation of the heart chakra; the green aventurine stone is also linked to "wealth" and "success," using its energy to attract positive results in many areas in your life, ones that include your bedroom.

The green aventurine crystal can also acclimate more to users who are already in a deepened process of understanding love. Accordingly, the stone can be beneficial for "more mature stages of love," and it invites passion into the lives of those who have already endured many years of this familiarity. Ultimately, the crystal enables love to go on for so long.

For users who experience and weather the ups and downs of their long-term relationships, the green aventurine crystal can also come in handy.

How to use green aventurine

Like rose quartz, the green aventurine crystal can also be used in several ways. It can be worn as jewelry, used for medication, and placed as home decor.

If you plan to wear the green aventurine crystal, position it over your heart chakra.

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2.3 Pink topaz

Pink topaz``If you're in a jiffy and don't have the time to dilly-dally in your quest for love, the pink topaz crystal is here to give you that boost.

Known as a "luxurious stone," pink topaz remains the gold standard in the realm of manifestation stones. More elusive than the common rose quartz, this variety invokes a new level of opulence and sophistication — some of the best qualities you can find on your next date.

The pink topaz crystal has also been associated with "lunar connections." Accordingly, it features color and power waxing and waning in sync with the moon's cycle. As with the many moon cycles, each topaz color has the power to elicit different purposes and energies.

The pink topaz crystal is likewise more useful in finding only the most genuine of affections, ones that do not fizzle out as seasons transition. 

Finally, if you're already ready to invest in more profound relationships, this "big girl stone" is a must-have in the love crystal collection.

How to use pink topaz

To experience the powers of the pink topaz crystal, it is best worn near the heart chakra as this stimulates the attraction to genuine love. This will also allow us to veer away from destructive tendencies to obsess over unreciprocated love.

2.4 Ruby

RubyAre you the kind who is romantic at heart? Look no further and grab the nearest ruby in your area.

Also regarded as the "stone of nobility," the ruby crystal is ideal for bearers searching for an intense romance. According to crystal lovers, rubies are widely believed to give you that sense of power and confidence, both of which are essential to winning over someone.

Unlike the green aventurine and rose quartz, rubies aren't aligned with the heart chakra. Unsurprisingly, this one activates the root chakra, the first chakra you can find at the base of your spine.

When one's base chakra is activated, it is thought that the user's sensual pleasures are initiated. This activation promotes increased desire, while the sexual energy is also intensified. In today's world, these components should allow you to be the best version of yourself, which is attractive for most.

Think of rubies as the best crystals to get when you plan to attract only the hottest and heaviest one-night-stand encounters that can also turn into long-term relationships. They are also thought of as "wedding stones" in other cultures.

How to use ruby

You can begin turning up the heat in your heart with rubies by wearing them as jewelry. Make sure that they are worn close to your heart space. Alternatively, you can also wear them on the right finger of your right hand on a Sunday.

2.5 Amethyst

AmethystRemember self-love? Yes, the most essential of love out there, one that you should be equipped with before anything else.

The amethyst crystals feature soothing purple hues, easily making them potent stones for nurturing your self-worth. These same crystals are suggested to be kept by those who do not want their confidence "shaken," especially when dealing with self-love.

Amethyst is also believed to bring peace and healing among its users. This incredible crystal can accompany you, especially when you need guidance the most, like during a recent breakup. It can also aid you in accessing that often elusive but deep self-love, even when it is shrouded with many insecurities.

With serenity embedded at their core, the amethyst crystals can also lend a helping hand when you're preparing to meet your match.

One of the many reasons why amethyst crystals resonate the most with those who seek self-love is largely due to their metaphysical properties. Helming these claims is its association with one's third eye — linking its wearers to a source of power and wisdom.

How to use amethyst

You can carry a small amethyst crystal in your purse or pocket. You can also wear one as jewelry or place a variation in your home.

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Honorable mentions

3.1 Red jasper

 Red jasperHas dating suddenly exhausted you? For most of us, this can just be the case. But worry no more as there are healing crystals that do wonders in this regard. One of them is red jasper.

The red jasper crystal is widely believed to allow you to raise passion vibrations to levels that get you instantly noticeable, right when you're heading out and seeking a partner. The same stone can also be a powerful tool to reignite your charisma and even loins, boosting that sparkle naturally. In this case, don't be surprised if you're already drawing potential dates for yourself.

Meanwhile, red jasper can encourage users' emotional stability when dealing with uncertainty, grounding us in ways you can appreciate when searching for love. As it is, sanity is maintained in the process when you're drawing possible partners in the bunch and harboring this crystal.

Other benefits of red jasper include emotional stamina and protection, self-trust, courage, balance, calm, and relaxation. The crystal is likewise used to increase the memory of dreams and sexual vibrancy.

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3.2 Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuliOne of the most crucial elements to maintaining any good relationship is communication. The lapis lazuli stone allows you to tap the real power of communication, which is effective. 

Associated with the throat chakra, lapis lazuli enables users to share their truth with the world around them. This flow is especially crucial when we want to be heard and understood. With this in your arsenal, you can be assured of positivity and well-being, all at the same time.

Sharing the ruling planet of Venus, the goddess of love, the lapis lazuli also generally brings harmony to relationships and friendships. For its users, they manage to carry the needed mood and touch others as they go along with them. The crystals can also absorb your positive energy, relieving those around you.

The lapis lazuli can also open many doors of acceptance, ones that lead to acquaintances and, sooner, that kind of relationship you might be gearing up for. Another key benefit this stone has for its users is that it helps them value the person while keeping the relationship alive.

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3.2 Agate

AgateAs most agate varieties bring natural healing to the heart chakra, users swear by their power to leave you open, welcoming users to receive the love of their dreams. 

One of the finest examples of this is when you consider the power that comes from using the blue lace agate. Accordingly, bearers are much more determined to seek truth and are ardently led to pathways that eventually direct them to "harmonious" love. 

On the other hand, the fire agate is linked to "burning embers" and intense passion. With these vital elements in the fold, the stone is just ideal for those who are now ready to welcome more pleasure in their lives, physically, that is.

Ultimately, agate crystals are said to cleanse and stabilize your aura, which in the process, eliminate and transform negativity into feelings and nuances that are only beneficial for its users.

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3.3 Rhodochrosite

RhodochrositeReady to put your love needs ahead of others? Rhodochrosite is one stone to look for, especially if you want the universe to lead straight to love. 

Rhodochrosite is laden with vibrations, reminding its users to consider the importance of unraveling their layers. Down the line, they are enabled to sort through complicated issues and emotions that can hamper their current relationships and interactions. 

The rhodochrosite also provides that specific need to release, ensuring your heart stays open and clear. The stone also associates itself with the power to integrate its users' physical and spiritual energies, allowing them to stimulate love and passion as the soul is energized.

3.4 Pink tourmaline

Pink tourmalineFamed for being an "aphrodisiac stone," the pink tourmaline crystal cleanses the heart chakra and helps you find that "flow." 

The pink tourmaline crystal also grants its bearers all the comfort they need — all of which are related to the matters of the heart. Simultaneously, the stone provides you with a safe space where the fortune of love is shared. 

Apart from cleansing the heart chakra, pink tourmaline also invites this to open, encouraging old wounds to finally recover. It is the stone to use if you're looking to deepen your compassion; it also calms any forms of distress.

If you're already feeling beat and only want a place to flow with the universe, harnessing the energies that emanate from the pink tourmaline crystal can lead you to love.

Final thoughts

Whichever kind of love you're looking for, these best crystals for love will now most certainly allow you to be soaked in the light of a healing and healthy relationship. And when you learn how to use them properly, you can only be assured of a thriving interaction with this special someone.

Are you now in the mood for a new kind of love and healing? These stones of love in our store might very well be the ones you're searching for to rekindle that flame.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger