9 Crystal Colors & Meanings: The Ultimate Guide 2022

I remember that very day when I was first introduced to the exciting world of healing crystals. It was fun, fascinating, and oftentimes festive — right with their way to connecting with the earth’s energies and all. But the person who set the motion didn’t manage to educate me first with this crucial detail: How to pick crystals by colors?

For the first timers, choosing your first set of crystals can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not equipped yet as to which colors will resonate more with your needs. And this is key as you haven’t even begun with another challenging stage in the realm of crystals: figuring out their individual energies and spiritual meanings.

As such, choosing crystals based on their color to support your needs and intentions is essential as it is important. Ultimately, this knowledge will point you in the right direction.

Today, we’ll do just that. We’re taking you to a journey that highlights the many important colors in healing crystals.

Most Popular Crystals Colors and Their Usages

1. Clear and white 

If you intend to purify and cleanse, there’s no doubt that you have to go with the wihite or clear crystals. 

White or clear crystals symbolize peace and purity. They help clarify your thoughts and actions, bringing mental clarity to its bearers while clearing away the needless clutter. For new beginnings, these crystals are also thought to accompany you.

Healing crystals of the white and clear variety are also believed to be the easiest ones to connect and work with. This is especially true if you combine them with other stones that are also ideal for promoting peace and tranquility. As it is, these crystals can also be helpful if you use them during meditation or any kind of work that requires clearing of energies.

Today, clear or white crystals refer to the color of innocence, peace, and purity. But did you know that back in the day, clear and white hues were associated with the warm white rays of the moon. Crystals with these colors were widely ruled by the moon and that their users could connect them to psychic and sleep energy.

Clear and white gemstones are also closely linked to intuition, inspiration, and improving of psychic abilities, while serving a sense of purpose. They come with light and good vibrations, with protection from any harmful influence. 

Some of the most popular examples of clear or white crystals are selenite, moonstone, clear quartz, apophyllite, and white chalcedony.

2. Red 

In need of energy to pump up your day? Red-colored crystals can come to your rescue!

Red is a symbol of many components that highlight energy. For instance, it is the color of blood, the planet Mars which is famed as the planet of sex, war, and passion, and our root chakra — representing our most basic survival tools. For power and action, you can never go wrong with red crystals.

Red crystals also refer to life, passion, and energy. If you’re desperate for motivation and simply needing some determination, these gemstones can come in handy. These same crystals are also for those who are drained emotionally or lacking the power to get by the day.

Red crystals are also thought to be related to willpower, courage, and self-confidence. If you’re the type who is always on the go, actively involved, or justly needing an energetic punch down the line, look no further than this crystal variety.

For most, the red color is also essential when it comes to transforming one’s situation to another. An example of this is when you get fired from your job; instead of moping, you can transform the energy into action — one that transitions to a new career.

Red crystals also represent masculine energy. In other cultures, these crystals also symbolize passionate love.

The most commonly available red crystals in the market nowadays are red calcite, red jade, jasper, ruby, garnet, sardonyx, and cuprites. 

3. Orange

Otherwise known as the color of the sacral chakra, the chakra that governs all forms of creativity and sexuality, orange crystals boast a zestful type of inspiration that ultimately creates a massive change in your lives. 

Orange-hued crystals also stimulate your creativity. They elevate personal power, along with confidence — both of which are vital when changes are incorporated in our lives. Adding an orange crystal in the confines of your home or simply wearing one also can also boost creativity.

Orange crystals are also helpful when it comes to supporting major milestones in our lives. If life-changing situations are suddenly infused and you need just about the right energy to get through them all, owning the orange variety might very well be favorable for you.

Orange crystals are also associated with a slew of positive energies. These include joy, happiness, appetite, physical pleasure, intimacy, loyalty, and companionship.

Some of the orange crystals that are gaining traction now are orange jade, carnelian, orange garnet, calcite, and orange quartz. Accordingly, these crystals can benefit those who want to deal with distrust, timidity or shyness. They can also aid in promoting friendship and caring behavior.

4. Pink

There’s a potent reason why pink crystals are very much enamored by the hopeless romantics: These crystals are made to heighten love and compassion.

The color alone, they say, is enough to inject warmth and fuzziness among its users. Considered as a lighter shade of red crystals, the pink variety also carries some of the former’s key energies. Although pink crystals generally vibrate with warm, loving, and ultimately gentle energies, they also offer the red crystals’ common attributes such as determination and commitment.

One element that is distinctively pink is compassion. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as pink crystals are intrinsically caring and soothe you with energies that emanate from love and kindness. So, for matters that require greater understanding and compassion such as self-love, forgiveness, and emotional healing, the warm energies of pink crystals can serve their users quite well.

Pink crystals are also encouraged if you wish to open your heart to giving and receiving love. The same can be said if you want to connect with the warm aura that comes when you associate yourself with gentle goodness.

Pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, pink opal, and rhodonite are just some examples of pink crystals that you might want to acclimate to if you want to receive and give the said benefits.

5. Yellow

Yellow crystals represent the sun’s warmth and brightness. They possess the power of optimism, along with willpower and enlightenment. These crystals are also likened to the “bright and sunny,” allowing you to express your truest self. 

When it comes to willpower, yellow crystals are also said to be capable of enabling users to venture into new interests and encourage them to start acquaintances. These gemstones also allow you to see things in a new perspective, especially in terms of enlightenment.

Yellow-colored crystals are also suitable for users who want to cultivate energy, authenticity, and positivity — components that are necessary if a new endeavor is on the horizon.

Yellow crystals are also deeply ingrained to the solar plexus chakra. This is indicative that when you own one of these crystals, your sense of self is prioritized. Another benefit one can experience from yellow crystals is the enhancement of self-belief and confidence relative to personal power. 

If you intend to boost self-confidence or simply want to take your ambitions up a notch, these yellow crystals may be able to help you: Yellow jasper, honey calcite, citrine, golden onyx, and sulfur quartz.

6. Green

You should pick green crystals if you want to attract growth and abundance.

Symbolizing the color of nature and money, green-colored crystals allow your spirit to welcome fresh beginnings. They also infuse your soul with growth, one that attracts abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Apart from growth, a green crystal also incorporates creation, development, and a deep sense of renewal upon their bearers. It offers stability, enabling you to keep your schedule and put your life on track

Another element in which green crystals are said to boost is productivity. This is proven to be beneficial for those with personal projects or entertaining a new career prospect.

Meanwhile, the green-hued gemstones symbolize fertility. Beyond fertility, these crystals can also help you improve relationships that you establish with friends and family. If you’re growing a business or in the spiritual or emotional sense, green crystals can be instrumental to achieving those. 

Ultimately, green crystals excel at helping you connect with the earthly and grounding energies in the universe.

Take into consideration these green crystals if these needs resonate with you at the moment: Jade, peridot, malachite, moss agate, and green aventurine.

7. Purple

As deeply linked to the higher chakras, the crown and third-eye chakras, purple crystals easily have the most metaphysical benefits among the colors in our list. That goes without saying that these gemstones can lead you to that connection, one that is relative to intuition, spirituality, and finally, your higher self.

It is also in this connection that purple crystals reign supreme if you’re especially needing that special tool to bring you closer to enlightenment. And for those who acclimate to them quite significantly, your true purpose awaits.

When it comes to searching for that inspiration, purple-hued gemstones are likewise ideal as they can tap into the divine realm. 

To reveal that the purple variety is of royalty and nobility is an understatement. The same can be said when it comes to its relation to mystery and magic. 

Today, purple crystals are used mostly for meditation practices and deep relaxation.

Spirit quartz, amethyst, charoite, lepidolite, and sugilite are just some of the purple crystals that you might want to consider incorporating into your routine.

8. Blue

Suppose you’re in the open sky or in the expanse of a blue ocean. Which feeling are you most likely to experience first? It’s an overwhelming sense of calmness, isn’t it?

That cannot be blamed alone with the space but the blue color itself that is vastly present. You can also feel these when you have a blue crystal at your disposal. 

Suffice to say, blue-colored crystals have the ability to calm and soothe your body and the mind. They can also be beneficial for users who are enamored by wandering into the unknown. 

Blue crystals are also associated with the throat chakra. With this color variety, it is thought that users may benefit from its ability to improve communication, along with self-expression. Communicating your deepest, personal truths can also be helped by these crystals.

If you’re particularly having difficulty expressing your inner truth, blue crystals can bring strength and clarity to your ability to utter the most authentic version of your sentiments. This can all be provided while the users remain cool, calm, and collected. 

Blue gemstones are also famed for being the “Crystals of Harmony.” Such is the case when they are used to feeling patient and calm in the most stressful of situations; they also allow you to let go of the past. These crystals should also provide that much-needed positivity, infusing relaxation to your attitude. 

The stone that could very well aid you experiencing these benefits are lapis lazuli, larimar, blue lace agate, and azurite.

9. Black

When it comes to grounding, keeping negativities at bay, and protecting your space, black-colored crystals are recommended.

There is no crystal in this bunch that is more safeguarding than a dark-colored gemstone. As it is, black crystals help in dispelling your fears, while promoting a sense of safety in the physical and emotional aspects. 

Black stones, also known as “Barrier Crystals,” are ideal for those who intend to stay grounded; all of this is achievable while you’re protected from unwanted energies. This is very much attainable as these crystals are often widely used as a form of shield against negative vibes. So if you’re needing spiritual connection or are simply trying to alleviate stressful situations, a black crystal can be especially beneficial.

In the market today, black crystals such as obsidian, shungite, black tourmaline, and black kyanite are at the top of everyone’s favorites.

Final thoughts

The use of healing crystals is really an exciting way to connect with earth’s many positive and life-changing energies. But it can also be daunting as it is perplexing when one isn’t equipped with the right know-how on how to pick crystals by color.

I hope this short read not only manages to pique your curiosity, but also and ultimately, now directs you to the right color of crystal your needs are already craving for. Your journey starts when you look into this vast collection of stone we have curated just for you.

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"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger