5 Best Crescent Moonlight Absorbing Crystals

The time when the full moon shines in the sky is also the perfect time to bring out your best full moon crystals. This is a special time to boost intention, purify energy, and manifest the blessings of good fortune in your life!

To make the most of the powerful energy absorbed from the full moon, here are my top 5 crystals recommendation. They contain powerful qualities to aid you in every Full Moon! You will also learn how to properly purify and charge crystals under the full moon! Furthermore, these crystals are well suited for use in the Full Moon Rite. 

5 types of crystals to use in every full moon

1. Selenite

The first in the list of best full moon crystals that I love is Selenite. The truth is that Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess Selene. This information will tell you about Selenite's deep connection with the energy of the Moon.

Besides, Selenite is a wonderful crystal that gives off a lot of light. This is a crystalline light that radiates a lot of joy, peace and positivity. It is said that the full moon often brings our mood down, along with fear and insecurity. Selenite can help you process these negative emotions. This crystal possesses the magical ability to repel and neutralize the negativity, stagnation, and stress that may appear during the full moon.

How to purify Selenite

One thing I would like to say about Selenite is this: it is often assumed that Selenite purification is not necessary because it has a negative metabolic effect. This is also quite true, however when I was working at a crystal shop, I noticed that there were some selenite that had stagnant energy.

If you have never purified your Selenite, you should clean it. Of course, the easiest way is to put it under the full moon when night falls.

Use Selenite and its energies under the full moon to promote intention and help you manifest more joy, love, and blessings in your life. Alternatively, use this crystal to purify and release negative, distorted, and heavy emotions that may still be lingering within you.

Either way, Selenite is a powerful ally. This is still one of my favorite crystals. Selenite is magical!

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2. Moonstone

My second favorite best full moon crystals is moonstone! Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping to balance Full Moon energies.

As you can easily guess from its name, moonstone is also closely associated with lunar energy. Moonstone is also connected with divine feminine energy. Thus, it supports the divine femininity of intuition, psychic abilities, and grace and grace.

It can also improve feelings of depression and insecurity. Moonstone reveals what's hidden deep in the darkness with the full moon dispelling the darkness so you can blend in and release those dark things.

If you are extremely sensitive to energy and wearing a moonstone during a full moon can make you feel a bit overwhelmed, that's okay. You can completely remove it, hold it for a while, or put it down, but remember the moonstone is helping you balance the full moon energy.

Moonstone is a very powerful crystal, it helps you connect to integrate into your true, whole being.

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3. Amethyst

My third favorite crystal that I like to use during every full moon is Amethyst.

Although amethyst is not specifically related to the full moon, this crystal is very supportive during the full moon. One reason that I choose amethyst as a full moon crystal. Because this beautiful violet energy vibrates with the violet frequency range, it has the power to transform negative emotions. It is negativity, fear, insecurity and stagnation into light.

Amethyst can help you identify heavy energies. Amethyst can help you avoid absorbing energy from others. This type of crystal also helps you to face what is about to happen within you. You don't try to bury these things, but face it. You can turn it into true spiritual strength and light.

Amethyst also helps keep the higher spiritual frequencies in your physical life. It is an excellent crystal for psychic development, promoting intuition and, again, a powerful ally in absorbing Full Moon energy.

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4. Labradorite

The fourth crystal that I want to share with you during every full moon is Labradorite. It can indeed balance the full moon energy very strongly. This stone also helps you to undergo profound spiritual transformation.

There was also a time when people called Labradorite the Sorcerer's stone because it connects to both solar and lunar energy. So it has both these light sources on the inner and outer manifestation floors. It can assist you in revealing what is inside of you.

It reveals what in you is out of balance or has been pushed into the dark. Labradorite has a way of bringing those things to light, and again what these full moon crystals have in common is that they enhance intuition, promote psychic perception, and connect you with guides. spirituality and support you to make positive changes in your life.

This is a powerful stone that not only aids in general spiritual awakening, but is also great for connecting and balancing energies during each Full Moon.

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5. Clear Quartz

The fifth full moon crystal that I want to share with you today is clear quartz. The clear quartz that I use is derived from Lemurian crystal seeds. This is a special type of quartz whose knowledge and light associated with the Lemurian civilization is planted in this crystal.

Generally speaking, clear quartz is the most versatile crystal because it is extremely, extremely supportive of intention.

Therefore, I wanted to add clear quartz to the list of powerful full moon crystals, because the full moon is a powerful time to infuse intention with light and positive energy. You can really focus your intentions on clear quartz.

A great way to align with full moon crystals to keep your intentions alive is to create a latticework!

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Full Moon Ritual: Charge Your Crystals During Every Full Moon

Above are 5 types of full moon crystals that I want to share with everyone. And yes, the full moon is a powerful time to charge and purify your crystals.

I assume that when crystals are purified, or when their energy is not distorted by the negative energy they receive from people or the environment, they don't need to be charged.

However, the full moon energy has a way of helping the crystal restore its true divine crystal state. The crystal is the perfect crystallization of Divine light manifestation in physical form. Thus they are allies in support of divine entities. You can use the sun to purify and charge your crystals.

Charge amethyst on full moon

However, for crystals like amethyst, Sunlight will fade it. Therefore, you should not put amethyst out in the sun. It will damage the crystal and alter its vibration. However, putting amethyst outside under the full moon is a great way. The full moon restores true energy and helps it shine to support you in life.

What types of crystals need charging during the full moon?

With moon energy-connected crystals such as Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite, I will charge my crystals under the full moon.

When leaving crystals under the full moon, if possible place them on the ground. The earth's soil will maintain the energy of the crystal. Then you just need to put them in a place where they can receive moonlight without shadowing.

Placing it under an eaves or directly under a tree will not prevent the crystal from absorbing moonlight. Even if it's cloudy and gray looking, the moonlight will still see through.

Be aware that Selenite will damage if it gets too much water. So if it's going to rain, you shouldn't put your Selenite in the rain as this will damage the crystal.

Tips for setting intentions and grounding the best full moon crystals

Place the crystals on the ground under the full moon and leave overnight.
The next morning when you go to get them, balance them out.
Basically, set the intention for the vibration you want the crystal to help you manifest. Combined with crystal purification and charging under the full moon. Then intention-setting is a very powerful way. You will take advantage of the full moon energy present in these crystals themselves.

I hope this article helps you make your dicision on the best full moon crystals to use on the next full moon ritual.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger