List of 40 Essential Gemstones & Crystals for Healing & Meditation


The power that comes from crystals’ healing properties are now believed to have already reached millions of people around the world. But for some who may have just gotten started, the search for the right gemstones, both for yourself and your loved ones, the journey may start as challenging and time-consuming, especially if you’re not aware which list of crystals to get.

The reasons behind couldn’t have been more obvious: From their many healing properties, variations in terms of shape and cuts, down to their sizes and colors, the ride to getting the best ones in the bunch may at times prove to be bumpy.

But worry no more as I have listed 40+ crystals that can help you narrow down your choices.

Best List of 40 Essential Gemstones & Crystals for Healing

In no particular order, here they are our top picks for most popular and commonly used in healing, meditation & more:

1. Green Jade

Green JadeOrigin: Myanmar, New Zealand, Canada, Guyana, Surinam, Taiwan, Russia, and China.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Improves heart health and the immune system; treats stress, anxiety, and blood circulation disorders; stone of power, love, and excellence.

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2. Amethyst

Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Russia, South India, and the United States.

Chakra placement: Crown chakra

Healing properties: Enhances the immune system; relieves stress and anxiety; aids in cell regeneration; improves your skin, regulates hormones, and relieves headache.

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3. Obsidian

Origin: United States

Chakra placement: Solar plexus chakra; base chakras

Healing properties: Grounds and cleanses; draws negativities out; facilitates communication; helps with digestive issues; deals with infection

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4. Citrine

Origin: Ural Mountains of Russia and Madagascar; Minas Gerais, Brazil and Jaipur, India.

Chakra placement: Root chakra

Healing properties: Brings optimism and positivity; assists in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities; cultivates confidence and power; heals the spiritual self; overcomes depression, fears, and phobias.

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5. Clear quartz

Origin: Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, and the US.

Chakra placement: Crown chakra

Healing properties: Enhances mental clarity and focus; unlocks memory; brings body into balance; amplifies psychic abilities; boosts the immune system; clears body of toxins; absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy

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6. Carnelian

CarnelianOrigin: South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the US.

Chakra placement: Sacral chakra

Healing properties: Supports sexual energy; inspires confidence and empowerment; offers protection; boosts creativity; banishes emotional negativities; helps to overcome depression; promotes courage and brings joy; offers stability and grounding

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7. Emerald

Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Develops reasoning ability and arithmetic skills; enhances intellectual capacity; enhances psychic abilities; opens clairvoyance; revives passion and interests; attracts love; stimulates business growth; cures eye problems

8. Rose quartz

Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, India, and South Africa.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Opens and purifies the heart; promotes love, self-love, friendship; facilitates inner healing; provides feelings of peace; comforts in times of grief; dispels negativity; protects against environmental pollution; prevents thrombosis and heart attacks

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9. Agate

Origin: US particularly in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Chakra placement: Throat and heart chakras

Healing properties: Calms the pulse; ensures overall good health; provides long, prosperous life; establishes positivity; assists with digestion; fosters strength of sight; protects against kidney diseases; strengthens blood vessels; heals skin disorders; helps improve relationships; aids in discouraging overspending; corrects wasteful habits

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10. Tourmaline

Origin: Brazil, Africa, Tanzania. Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, and Malawi, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, North America, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Chakra placement: Root chakra

Healing properties: Strengthens the immune system; reduces geopathic stress; enhances creativity and promotes positive thinking; increases physical energy; reduces negative thoughts

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11. Selenite

Origin: US, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Greece, Russia, Poland, and Mexico.

Chakra placement: Crown chakra

Healing properties: Cleanses space; promotes connection; vibrates at a high frequency; helps users access their intuition; elevates spirit; clears blocked energy; promotes calm and peace; provides clarity

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12. Lapis lazuli

Origin: Afghanistan, Chile, Siberia, Myanmar, and the US.

Chakra placement: Throat and third eye chakras

Healing properties: Opens minds and provides enlightenment; encourages self-awareness, self-confidence, compassion, morality, and peace; boosts the immune system; purifies blood; alleviates insomnia and vertigo; helps overcome depression; benefits the nervous and respiratory systems, along with vocal cords and thyroid

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13. Fluorite

Origin: China, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and Spain.

Chakra placement: Heart and third-eye chakras

Healing properties: Detoxifies spiritual self; transforms negative to positive energies; boosts mental clarity; promotes peace of mind; invigorates the body; improves teeth, lungs, and the skeletal system; increases sex drive; improves emotional fortitude

14. Sunstone

Origin: US, Australia, Sweden, and Southern Norway.

Chakra placement: Base and sacral chakras

Healing properties: Boosts leadership qualities; helps to improve love relations; brings emotional stability; overcomes depression; aids in exploring a new way of thinking; keeps negativities at bay; lifts the mood and enable users to be active; enhances creativity; cleanses auras and chakras 

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15. Topaz

Origin: Brazil, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zimbabwe, US.

Chakra placement: Throat, third-eye, and solar plexus chakras

Healing properties: Helps cure liver problems; aids digestion; combats eating disorders; fortifies the nerves; stimulates metabolism; aligns the meridians of the body; promotes truth and forgiveness; brings joy, abundance and good health; releases tension; induces relaxation; stabilizes emotions

16. Apophyllite

Origin: India, Brazil, Italy, Canada, and Greenland.

Chakra placement: Third-eye chakra

Healing properties: Helps clear respiratory problems; relieves symptoms of allergies; heals skin rashes; reverses symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion; brings a sense of oneness; cleanses the auric field; overcomes stress and anxiety

17. Angelite

Origin: Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Mexico, Peru, and Egypt.

Chakra placement: Throat, third-eye, and crown chakras

Healing properties: Improves spirituality and awareness; promotes communication; dispels fear, anger, and anxiety; heals the physical body; balances thyroid gland; gets rid of infections related to the throat; aids in the renewal of blood vessels; heals headaches; aids in weight loss

18. Lepidolite

Origin: Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, Canada, Madagascar, and the US.

Chakra placement: Third-eye chakra

Healing properties: Relieves exhaustion, tension, and related disorders; alleviates allergies; helps with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s; numbs sciatica and overcomes joint problems; stabilizes mood swings; deals with menopause; harmonizes the body, mind, and soul; brings balance and stability; eases stress and anxiety; promotes inner wisdom

19. Opal

Origin: Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, and the US.

Chakra placement: Sacral chakra

Healing properties: Treats infections and reduces fever; a great elixir for the eyes; renews skin cells; brings balance and harmony; promotes hope; clears all the chakras; connect bearers to higher communication; features high vibrational energy; amplifies powers; brings good karma

20. Kunzite

Origin: Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Promotes calmness; alleviates rheumatism and arthritis issues; relaxes tense muscles; allows better blood flow; strengthens and reinforces the heart muscles; aids in the treatment of lungs and circulatory system; relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndromes; eases migraines

21. Howlite

Origin: Canada and the US

Chakra placement: Crown

Healing properties: Helps balance calcium levels; strengthens the skeleton; grows luscious, shiny hair; improves teeth whiteness; signals body if it needs more water; brings calm and contemplative silence; encourages sleep and respite; calms an overactive mind; tempers emotional expression; absorbs stress and tension; mops up bad vibes.

22. Apatite

Origin: Brazil, Myanmar, and Mexico.

Chakra placement: All chakras

Healing properties: Aids in the absorption of calcium; helps cartilage, bones, and teeth; heals bones and encourages formation of new cells; improves arthritis and joint problems; suppresses hunger; increases motivation; draws off negativity; enhances creativity and the intellect

23. Calcite

Origin: Brazil, Namibia, Germany, Romania, England, Canada, Pakistan, China, Russia, Mexico, and the US.

Chakra placement: All chakras

Healing properties: Improves and cleanses functions of the spleen, pancreas, and kidneys; dissolves bone calcification; balances the assimilation of calcium; strengthens joints and skeleton; relieves intestinal and skin issues; stimulates tissue healing; strengthens the chakras; encourages stability and self-trust; transforms ideas into actions

24. Iolite

Origin: India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

Chakra placement: Third-eye chakra

Healing properties: Promotes a higher pain threshold; strengthens the nerves; stimulates memory; alleviates insomnia; prevents nightmares and any sleep pattern disturbances; improves eyesight; promotes pure thoughts, self-acceptance and intuition; stills the mind

25. Azurite

AzuriteOrigin: France, Arizona, Namibia, Morocco, China, Africa, Chile, and Australia.

Chakra placement: Third-eye chakra

Healing properties: Encourages rest and deep breathing; relieves emotional distress; deals with grief; promotes kindness and internal honesty; releases the chains of remorse; gives mental courage; aids cell healing; provides a steady supply of oxygenated blood and intellect; helps treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s

26. Amazonite

Origin: Brazil, Colorado, Australia, Madagascar, and Virgina in the US.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Balances thyroid problems; helps cell regenerate; soothes anxious thinking; aids with healing past trauma; connects with the throat chakra; taps into intellect and intuition; balances masculine and feminine energies; calms the brain and the nervous system; aids in maintaining optimum health

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27. Garnet

Origin: Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the US.

Chakra placement: Sacral chakra

Healing properties: Regenerates body; stimulates metabolism; treats disorders of the spine and spinal fluid, along with bone, cellular structure, and composition; purifies lungs, heart, and blood; regenerates DNA; boosts energy levels and the immune system; clears out negative energies; balances out energies; promotes positive point of view

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28. Sodalite

Origin: Arkansas and Maine in the US, Namibia, British Columbia, Ontario, Russia, Greenland

Chakra placement: Throat, heart, and third-eye chakras

Healing properties: Boosts the immune system; balances the metabolism; deals with calcium deficiencies; combats radiation damage; treats the throat and larynx; helps with digestive orders; cools fever; lowers blood pressure; stimulates absorption of body fluids; helps prevent insomnia; brings order and calmness; encourages rational thought; helps users verbalize feelings

29. Tiger’s Eye

Origin: South Africa, Western Australia

Chakra placement: Root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

Healing properties: Balances the endocrine system; ideal for seasonal affective disorder; clears negative energies; builds self-worth and confidence; clears the root chakra; taps and enhances psychic abilities

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30. Rhodonite

RhodoniteOrigin: Russia, Sweden, New South Wales, US.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Promotes compassion; clears away emotional wounds; nurtures love; ground energy; balances yin-yang; heals emotional shock and panic; connects with the heart and circulatory system; sends energy to the endocrine system; cures stomach ulcers; aids in digestion; helps with autoimmune diseases

31. Malachite

Origin: Africa, Congo, Namibia, Russia, Australia, US.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Relieves cold sweats; alleviates malaria and Parkinson’s disease; helps curing asthma, rheumatic pain, and intestinal problems; treats travel sickness, lowers blood pressure and relieves vertigo; deals with depression and anxiety; draws out negativities

32. Aquamarine

Origin: Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, Brazil, and Mozambique.

Chakra placement: Throat chakra

Healing properties: Alleviates sinusitis; deals with lung and respiratory problems; helps with colds, bronchitis, hay fever, and other forms of allergies; promotes courage and preparedness; helps maintain order and balance; brings feeling of love, joy, peace, and happiness

33. Smoky Quartz

Origin: Scotland, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Chakra placement: Root chakra

Healing properties: Offers security and sense of stability; helps in letting go of the past; transfers lower energies to higher vibrational energies; releases stagnant or unwanted energies; renews and revitalizes the body and the spirit; protects from harmful electromagnetic radiation; overcomes depression; brings emotional calm

34. Chrysocolla

Origin: US, Australia, Chile, France, England, and Zaire.

Chakra placement: Throat and heart chakras

Healing properties: Stirs curiosity and invites higher knowledge; channels energy into expression and creativity; heals the nervous system; helps lower blood pressure; relieves intense cramps; promotes healthy and harmonious pregnancies; helps regulate blood sugar; aids digestion; keeps the lungs clean

35. Bloodstone

BloodstoneOrigin: India, Brazil, and Australia

Chakra placement: Root and heart chakras

Healing properties: Promotes good blood flow; ups purification levels in blood; boosts the immune system; brings strength, courage, and vitality during childbirth; balances out menstrual issues; boosts strength, courage, and resilience; supercharges when building emotional fortitude

36. Celestite

Origin: Madagascar, Italy, Poland, and Spain

Chakra placement: Throat chakra

Healing properties: Flushes out toxins; helps the body heal from stress-related problems; aids in digestion; deals with acne breakouts; helps you find inner balance and sense of peace; allows thriving of voice and communication tools; activates intuition and infinite wisdom

37. Labradorite

Origin: Finland, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, and the US.

Chakra placement: Throat and third-eye chakras

Healing properties: Ideal for the respiratory system; helps with healthy digestion; relieves anxiety; heightens the imagination; stabilizes mood; restores energy and revitalizes the spirit; helps overcoming depression; connects to the spirit world; aligns to higher purpose

38. Pyrite

Origin: Italy, Spain, China, Kazakhstan, and the US.

Chakra placement: Solar plexus

Healing properties: Boosts strength and promotes stability; builds stamina; helps fight viral infections; Improves confidence levels; helps overcome fears and anxieties; safeguards from negative energies

39. Jasper

Origin: India, Russia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, South and North America.

Chakra placement: Root chakra

Healing properties: Maintains adequate blood circulation; balances sexual energy; fine-tunes strength and focus; aids in overcoming numbness; helps in grounding; shakes off stagnant energies from all energy points

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40. Aventurine

Origin: India, Chile, Spain, and Russia.

Chakra placement: Heart chakra

Healing properties: Benefits the nervous system; deals with the thymus gland; stimulates the metabolism and balances blood pressure; helps in lowering cholesterol; boasts anti-inflammatory effect; eases skin conditions; alleviates migraine and soothes the eyes; heals muscular and urogenital systems; promotes compassion and empathy; relieves stammering and severe neuroses

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Final thoughts

I know what you’re thinking: There must be more to this list of crystals, right? I had the same feeling when I was collating them, but you can be rest assured that the gemstones I’ve gathered above are just about the right ones to start with. So if you have only jumped on the bandwagon of healing crystals now, you’re in luck as these entries will more than guide you. They will also direct you to addressing your many needs — may they be physical, emotional, or metaphysical.

The journey doesn’t end here as our store also happens to feature a vast collection of these crystals.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger