8 Methods Of Balancing And Healing With Crystals

What is balancing? And why should we perform chakra balancing with crystals?

Humans, creatures, and minerals all have energy that vibrate at different frequencies but they have the ability to interact with each other. When our body energy is connected with crystal energy, it forms a new pure and excellent mixed energy. This helps us improve resistance, purify bad energy in the body, and stimulate the "sleeping" areas of the brain.

Today, we will learn about crystal healing methods. Applying these methods will help you improve your daily health problems.

1. Put the stone in the shape of the star David, also known as the Salomon seal

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This method is called as the Salomon seal because it is a six-cornered star, formed by two intertwined triangles. It was used in medieval times by King Solomon. The seal is also known as the Star of David. This symbol represents the interaction of the four elements and the union of heaven and earth. The Star of David is a very powerful energy pattern. It can be used when in need of physical and mental relaxation. It clears away trauma and stress. It is possible to place it on special areas for healing.

Please use 6 quartz crystals (12 facets). And put in 6 points in the shape of two upside down isosceles triangles as follows:

1. Place 3 quartz crystals in an isosceles triangle so that the top of the triangle is 5cm from the tip. The two corners of the base of the triangle are level with the knees. Each side is 15cm from the knee.

2. Put the remaining 3 crystals also into an isosceles triangle, the top of the triangle is located 5cm from the feet. The two corners of the base of the triangle are at shoulder height, 15cm from each shoulder.

2. Balance energy for the whole chakra system

To help balance the entire Chakra system and activate the vibrations of each chakra. Place on each chakra a stone of the color that matches that chakra.

Chakra Balancing with Crystals - How to Place Your Crystals:

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1. Chakra 1: Choose a red stone, place 1cm away from the chakra.

2- Chakra 2: Choose an orange stone, place it on the top of the belly button.

3- Chakra 3: Choose a yellow stone, put it on the top of the sternum.

4- Chakra 4: Place the green or pink stone on the center of the chest (heart chakra).

5- Chakra 5: Use blue stone to place on the junction between the base of the neck and the top of the sternum (neck chakra).

6- Chakra 6: Place the indigo or dark blue stone on the point between the two eyebrows (the point of the line).

7- Chakra 7: Place purple stone or clear quartz right on top of the head (1cm away).

a. This crystal healing method can be used to support individual chakras. Not necessarily all 7 chakras if the body is healthy.

b. Before and after using the stone, it is necessary to purify the impure energies remaining in the stone.

c. After placing the stone, if which chakra has symptoms of being too cold or uncomfortable, replace it with a smaller stone or remove it temporarily, then put it back.

d. The time to place the stone depends on the location of each person. If you feel cold at any chakra. Remove the rock from that spot. This method of getting along with this stone can last from 5-20 minutes depending on the location of each person. Should not be used for too long will have the opposite effect, not good for the body.

3. Self-balancing energy and healing yourself

Right hand holding a quartz crystal pointed to the ground. In your left hand hold another crystal and place it in each chakra or in the painful area. As you inhale, imagine the energy entering your left hand, passing through the stone, and into your body. As you exhale, direct the energy out through your right hand, through the crystal and down to the ground. This crystal healing method is very easy to do without help, which can also bring good results.

4. Healing method with the sixth stone crystal: (Balance the body's yin and yang)

Right hand holding a quartz crystal pointed to the ground. The left hand holds another quartz crystal. Or rotate counter-clockwise from the top of the head down to the feet. During the process, as you inhale, imagine the negative energies entering through the left hand crystal. As you exhale, the qi pushes the energy out through the crystal in your right hand and down to the ground.

5. Self-recharge for the body

The healing method with stone crystals is for people who often suffer from headaches and insomnia. The body is always in a state of fatigue, seasickness or loss of balance. The above measures can be used to rebalance bioenergy. In the case of alone, the fastest way to balance and increase energy for the entire chakra system is as follows. Hold a clear quartz crystal in each hand, pointed upward. And place the yellow quartz (Citrine Quartz) on the solar plexus (chakra 3). Inhale and exhale, always imagining air entering and exiting through those two quartz crystals. You'll feel refreshed again in about 10 minutes.

6. Self-healing headache

After stressful working hours or often suffering from insomnia, headaches will arise. It is an imbalance of energy in the body, causing fatigue and irritability. The crystal healing method that can quickly solve this problem is very simple. In addition to practicing health through the following exercises: circle hug dance, enhance the mobility of the chakras. We just need to use our left hand to hold a quartz crystal and place it on chakra 7 (the hyacinth point). Make sure the crystal tip is pointing upwards.

Note: During the time of energy harmony, the energy flow will continuously go in and out through the Quartz stone and the Crown Chakra area. The time to harmonize energy with the stone and absorb this celestial qi will last about 5-10 minutes. It depends on the body of each person, the pain will disappear.

7. Headache treatment by other help

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If the patient only has fatigue and mild headache, have the patient hold the quartz crystal in the palms of their hands. Then place your right hand on the top of the patient's head, then left hand facing the sky. When breathing in, bring the energy in through the left hand. Exhale and bring the body's energy out through the right hand into the patient. The time lasts from 3-5 minutes, then breathe heavily and at the same time quickly pull the hand away from the patient. Do it a few times. After each energy transfer, soak your hands in diluted salt water. Get rid of the bad energy from the crystal with measures. That is, soak the stone in a basin of clean water or rotate it counterclockwise 21 times.

8. Severe pain treatment by other help

Hold two quartz crystals in both hands and apply them to the painful area. When breathing in, the cosmic energy passes through the 7th chakra. When exhaling, bring the body's energy out through the palms, through the stone, into the patient's diseased area. The energy transfer time is not more than 5 minutes. Soak your hands and ice in salt water for about 2 minutes, then continue a few times, the pain will change significantly. 


Above are the most popular ways to chakra balancing with crystals that we usually apply for our self. Feel free to share yours with our community if any. You can also browse our store and find the right crystal which is powerful for you!



"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger