The Complete Guide to Healing Crystals 2022

Are you new to healing crystals? Looking for a guide to healing crystals & meditation?

For centuries, throughout a long history, Crystals have been known for their miraculous effects. In addition to having an attractive appearance, considered precious jewelry, they also carry a higher mission than their appearance, which is to direct our spiritual life and control our energy. The power of Crystals is still unknown to this day, but they are considered ancient metaphysical art that can bring us to the shores of peace and prosperity. People today still choose Crystals to perform many other purposes, including healing. In this article, we will learn the basics of Crystals and how to use Crystals for healing.

1. What is Crystal?

Crystal is a common name for all stones, it can be natural or artificial, so the energy of each stone is also somewhat different. Before the special abilities of Crystals were discovered, people only used them as home decorations, and jewelry, with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, Crystals were easily obtained. This is truly a gift that Mother Earth gives us.

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However, they do not stop at the level of bringing in great external beauty, they also bring many other special abilities that are much more remarkable. The most special ability is healing. This ability, although humans can also create and perform by themselves, the energy flow inside one person is too mixed, because people are still in contact with the outside world, so self-healing will not be possible at some point. But Crystals, we can completely control the energy in them, depending on the type of Crystals and where they are exploited, what energy source they carry.

Crystals can take hundreds of thousands of years to form, there are more valuable types of Crystals that take millions of years, which shows that Crystals have existed for a very long time, sometimes even before the appearance of humans, so people's faith in Crystals is stronger and stronger. Crystals bring us countless useful methods, magnificent appearance and positive energy flow can replace healing tools, helping to improve spiritual and material life. Furthermore, it can also be used to treat many diseases. They are considered the fastest route to perfect healing.

 2. How Crystals work

As mentioned above, the Crystal is used to be a decoration. Only then did people begin to take advantage of the extra functionality available to them. Talking about the properties of Crystals, they can be said to work in many different ways, but the most notable is still the healing property - almost superior to all other functions. And there is a frequently asked question how does the Crystal work when we first use it? The easiest way is to place those crystals in areas of the body so that they absorb negative energy and then the diseases will gradually be healed. The fact that Crystals can help us in healing is not necessarily dictated by us, but it also has a long-standing foundation. In ancient times, the Egyptians also often used Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, and Turquoise stones to eliminate diseases and cleanse the energy source within their body or environment.

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Nowadays, many cultures in Asia – especially China – believe in vital energy, also known as “Chi”. "Chi" is the life force that exists in the spiritual and physiological energy of the human body according to Hinduism and Buddhism, and we can now call it a very familiar name: "Chakra". When there is negative energy accumulating in the central areas of the spiritual and physiological energies of the body, then Crystals will be used to place on the area with a lot of negative energy and remove them. This is considered a reasonable way because the energy of the Crystal is completely compatible with the energy in the Chakra. Somehow, we will cure the disease in a way that sounds confusing but is very easy. By releasing all the bad energy, we will reduce the disease in the body, and the energy in the chakras will be regulated again. It can be seen the great influence of the Crystal. Certainly, in the future, Crystal will grow even stronger than many countries with many different cultures.

3. How to choose Crystals?

You will have dozens of questions behind choosing a suitable Crystal, for example: "If you choose the wrong stone, will you have any influence on yourself?" or the like. Therefore, we also need to understand how to choose the most suitable Crystal.

Healing Crystals: Your Ultimate Guide

The most common way to choose a Crystal that is right for you is based on your date of birth, you can see it yourself or ask a Crystal expert to look at it for you, there are important factors to consider the following:

  • Horoscope: you can choose based on a specific time of your age and pick the type of Crystal that best suits you.
  • Color matching: each person always has a lucky color for them, maybe you will choose Crystals based on that
  • Feng shui: is this stone correct feng shui or not, is it suitable to be worn on the hand, on the neck or as a pendant, etc
  • Zodiac: each zodiac also has its stone or a suitable color.
  • Function of the Crystal: what do you often get sick about, what stones are helpful to regulate that energy, etc.

These methods are mostly applied at the moment because this era is the age of information technology, so it will be easier to learn something and have a lot of knowledge as well as specific information for you to choose from. There is a fairly old way which is to let that Crystal chooses you. This sounds strange, doesn't it? How could a Crystal find you? But here's the fun way, it's done by being yourself who will be the one to look for places that sell Crystals, walk around and see if there are Crystals that make you feel attracted. When you find yourself a Crystal you are most attracted to, it means that the Crystal has already chosen you. This is explained based on energy theory: "What is compatible with each other will automatically attract each other".

Choosing a Crystal is also very difficult because it depends on your preferences and your willingness to approach them, in addition, it also depends on Crystal's energy to help you with problems. So if you are not ready, do not use Crystals because they may not make you better, but if you want to choose more carefully, please be patient to learn before you want to use them. If you want to be more sure of the effect of that Crystal is right for you, close your eyes, hold the Crystal in your hand and feel the energy flow within that Crystal, blending the energy within yourself. Feel them, check for the following sensations: feel hot or cold, feel the vibration or feel peaceful. If you have these feelings, it means the Crystal can help you solve your problems. And in case you feel nothing or feel confused, that means that the Crystal is not suitable for your purpose, it is also possible that you are not ready to use the Crystal.

4. How to use Crystals

After we have found a suitable Crystal for ourselves, we can start using it for healing purposes. To be able to use them properly for healing purposes, the first thing you need to do is set yourself a clear goal. The energy emanating from your goals determines the work and purpose of the Crystal. After that, their energy has been in the same direction as yours, so they will gradually cooperate with you, bringing you the desired healing and direction you have set within yourself.

This is similar to when you go to find a doctor to treat you, they have a huge amount of knowledge inside, so letting them know your healing purpose is like putting your faith in the Crystal itself. At this time the Crystal will give you the right energy you need to heal yourself. For example, when you feel pressured, or tired, you will tend to want to relieve that stress, choosing a hot stone (red, orange, yellow) or the like will lead us to deviate from our goals. At this time, the selection of crystals with cold colors (green, blue, the like) along with the suitable energy flow known as the 7th chakra (related to the mind, thinking, extremely suitable for stress relief) will help the Crystals find the right fit for the person who uses them.

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The reason we have a connection between these energies is that your intention has a strong impact on the energy frequency of the Crystal. As mentioned above, the vibrations upon contact with the Crystals are already present in you, so when we use them, that vibration will also appear in us, making the energy from the Crystals push away all diseases. With the help of the Crystals, we have been able to make profound improvements in areas of our lives that we were rarely able to do before. This will bring happiness, lightness, and comfort to your soul, from which the work will be more stable, in addition, it will also bring luck in any area suitable for the Crystal. Make sure that when using the Crystals, you are confident in their abilities and your right intentions, for this will make you a magnet: attracting all energies that are similar to your spirit. I bring and turn everything from yes to no, from failure to success, turning dreams into reality.

5. How to Clean Crystals

In order for Crystals to bring high use value both mentally and physically, we need to find a way to clean them after each use. Because Crystals are like people, sometimes it is easy to have a lot of bad energy, then not only can't help us in healing but also bring disaster to us. That's why cleaning Crystals is such an important aspect of their care, they're already helping you, it's your duty to do the opposite, to protect and care for the Crystals. supported me.

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Usually, we will use water to purify our Crystals, but it is also important to choose a reliable source of water. If your home has conditions near the ocean, bring them to the ocean to purify, the water in the ocean is very clean and enough to eliminate the flow of bad energy. If there is no ocean, you can choose the sea, but you must choose the sea with clear water, not contaminated with colored sand or garbage, but most of the time just seawater is fine. In case you do not have enough conditions to run to the sea, you can use bottled spring water, the water in the bottle is clean and pure enough to be able to purify and clean the bad energy in the Crystal.

After cleaning with water, the next thing you need to do is expose the Crystal to the sun, the sun also brings a certain purification to the Crystal. Drying with natural light or using the light of the sun will harmonize the energy flow in the stone. If you are a person with a different hobby, can use the light of the moon to purify Crystals, the moon also provides a natural energy source just enough for cleansing. While waiting for the Crystal to dry, think about at least one thing you want to let go of, this will make the remaining negative energy in you also be purified with the Crystal, since your energy and the Crystal have been connected. Therefore, drying with the thought of letting go in your mind will make you feel more motivated to do it. However, do not think about more than five things because then the connection will be overloaded, reducing your interaction with the Crystal.

Once you've done the above, your Crystals are now cleaned up and connected to you again. Now you can start with Meditation with Crystals. Before you can do this, you must go through a basic meditation course. This way is also not easy because, in a life full of worries like this, the mind can not be able to meditate calmly and peacefully. Anyway, this is an experience worth a try. This will keep the energy in the Crystal stable, and will also put you in control of your body, mind, and spirit.

Guide to Healing Crystals & Meditation

During Meditation, place Crystals in one of the seven chakra positions to clear the energy within that chakra, including the following:

  • Root Chakra: usually located below the navel
  • Sacral Chakra: located right at the navel and abdomen
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: position above the abdomen
  • Heart Chakra: location in the heart and chest
  • Throat Chakra: location in throat or mouth
  • Third Eye Chakra: location on eyes, forehead, or face
  • Crown Chakra: position at the top of the head 

And that's it! That is all the most basic knowledge about Crystals and how to heal with Crystals, wrapping up our Guide to Healing Crystals for starters. Now, you probably understand the importance of Crystals in life. Choose and use Crystals properly and they will bring you many unimaginable benefits.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger