8 Best Healing Crystals For Aries

You may ask yourself: Would the best healing crystals for Aries be the right one?

Right doesn’t exactly entail great, but best, on the other hand, is often indicative that something powerful is about to be conjured up. Today, you’ll know just how game-changing it is to use only the best assets at your disposal, especially when you have goals in mind.

crystal healing ariesThis concept is quite similar when you use suitable healing crystals for Aries.

While people under Aries are generally the go-getter, motivated types, they still often go through changes between positive and negative energies. Aries can also be impulsive as they are impatient; having quite the temper is also very well-noted. As it happens, stability is shaken and needs balance in the process.

Dreamers and users under this Zodiac sign can primarily benefit from the support of crystals. But which crystals?

The list I have come up with below represent those that are best healing crystals for Aries. These varieties are thought not only to provide you with that much-needed clarity or relief from stress but ultimately allow you to become the very best version of yourself. I have also write a Complete guide to start balancing and healing with crystals, so do have a look if you want to discover more :)

And for the ardent lovers of these crystals, I have also included some tips on keeping or wearing them.

1. Citrine

CitrineSuccess is almost always equated to Aries. The same can be said for wealth when it is intertwined in their lives. I won’t be surprised if you happen to have a citrine crystal that can be rummaged through your belongings as it is known to attract success down the line.

Along with its healing and positive energies, citrine can also strengthen the intellect; creativity in its users is also emanating energy that only wants to thrive.

Citrine also strikes equilibrium in the Solar Plexus Chakra, which boasts themes such as energy, control, and confidence. Along with this and the combined alignment to the power of success, this crystal is easily the best one you can own if you want to achieve business goals.

If you’re struggling to accept constructive criticism, citrine is widely believed to teach you how to deal with one. 

How to use citrine as the best healing crystal for Aries?

If you plan to use the citrine crystal as is, it is suggested that you put it inside your handbag or even a coat pocket. And as this crystal is only two inches wide, carrying it with you won’t be an issue.

You may also use citrine crystals as part of your necklace and earrings. Either way, you can be sure that it won’t only give you that boho-inspired look you’ve wanted to try but also allow you to practice mindfulness whenever you put them on every occasion.

A tip for the citrine users: Adding citrine to an Aries gemstone or any crystal will allow you to bring balance to the rest of the energies that reverberate in your body.

Origins of citrine

Most citrine crystals today can be mined in Brazil and Uruguay. Deposits in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Madagascar have also been reported.

2. Amethyst

amethyst crystalsIf you’re particularly irritable or prone to mood swings, Aries, bless your heart, you will need some amethyst in your life.

Amethyst crystals are likewise noted for their ability to dispel anger and stress while helping you strike a balance. With these, achieving your goals can be especially worry-free.

Amethyst is said to work as a complementary relaxing frequency when added to your fave Aries crystal or birthstone. And while amethyst may be more known for its ability to get in touch with your third-eye chakra and enhance your spiritual progress, great success is achievable when you add the power of light into the equation.

How to use amethyst as the best healing crystal for Aries?

Most amethyst keepers prefer their crystals right in their “clustered” state. And as they are distinctive, amethyst has quickly become one of the most prized crystals in home decor.

If you intend to use amethyst inside your handbag or pocket, amethyst stones are your go-to crystals when picking the best healing crystals for Aries. On the other hand, you can also wear amethyst as jewelry, particularly as a pendant. 

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Origins of amethyst

The finest amethyst crystals can be found in Siberia, Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, and the Far East. These crystals also occur throughout the United States; the largest amethyst mine is in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

3. Clear Quartz

Easily one of the most popular and recognizable crystals globally, clear quartz features numerous qualities that have long been associated with high vibrations. 

Clear QuartzWith these, clear quartz can purportedly clear the mind, spirit, and body of unnecessary clutter. It can also help users bring about the best version of themselves, allowing them to reach their full potential.

The clear quartz crystals are goal-centric; they can also drown out any outside world noise to allow a pathway to specific goals and turn them into a reality.

Along with mental clarity, clear quartz is also potent in manifestation. As it is, if you've already decided what you want in life, this very crystal can help you enact ways to achieve these goals, which makes it one of the best healing crystals for Aries.

How to use clear quartz as the best healing crystal for Aries?

There are many ways to welcome the benefits of a clear quartz crystal. For instance, the crystal can clear the air of a space that tends to get more heated. It can also bring that much-needed sense of harmony to shared areas such as the living room.

Sporting your clear quartz crystal as jewelry is also expected to bring instant benefits to the user. This is especially true if you wear it in such a way that it is pressed directly into your skin, allowing for maximum energy absorption.

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Origins of clear quartz

As clear quartz crystals are noted for their abundance where they grow, you can find them in basically all parts of the world. Clear quartz can be sourced from Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States.

4. Green Adventurine

green adventurineA translucent quartz noted for its high concentration of fuchsite inclusions, green adventurine has always been linked to “fortuitous opportunity.” Widely used as a “lucky totem,” this crystal harmonizes positive opportunities and outcomes - enabling its wearers to expand their sense of possibilities. 

The green adventurine crystal also declutters the energy field, especially the one that surrounds the heart chakra. As it is, this gemstone is said to attract romance. It is also thought to assist its users in healing emotional wounds while opening you to receive more love in the process.

How to use green adventurine as the best healing crystal for Aries?

The green adventurine can be used in many ways. It can be worn as jewelry, chakra work, home decor, or used for medication.

If you’re going to use green adventurine, you should also place it on top of your heart chakra. On the other hand, you can wear it as a brooch, pin, or pendant.

You can also sleep with the green adventurine crystal to attract abundance and good luck. You can place it under your pillow to sleep more soundly. Alternatively, you can also put it at home, meditation room, or office.

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Origins of green adventurine

Most of the green adventurine crystals of today come from India, particularly in the localities of Chennai and Mysore. Known as the “stone of opportunity,” they can also be found in China and Rutland, Vermont.

5. Red Jasper

Red JasperA famed member of the Chalcedony mineral class, the red jasper gemstone is an opaque variety of quartz with a vitreous luster and distinctive transparency. 

The red jasper gemstone is associated with protection, passion, and grounding. Also known as the “stone of endurance and nurturing,” the red jasper is said to bring about that much-needed sense of balance in terms of physical and emotional wellbeing.

But it is in the realm of its healing properties that the red jasper gemstone truly stands out. For instance, it is widely thought to allow you to keep your blood circulation and balance sexual energy.

The red jasper gemstone also fine-tunes your focus and strength while helping you to overcome numbness. The gemstone is likewise connected to the base chakras for its metaphysical properties and can purportedly rouse the Kundalini serpent.

How to use red jasper as the best healing crystal for Aries?

The red jasper gemstone is often worn as jewelry as it is believed that it is in this manner the stone connects with truth and honor. On the other hand, if you intend to welcome the stone into your home, you may place it in your bedroom to nurture sexual energy and forge spiritual connections with your spouse.


If you plan to tap the red jasper’s fundamentally protective and grounding properties, you should place it in a bowl by your home’s entrance. You may also put it in the center of any room, one that attracts higher emotions. The stone is thought to heal these energies.

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Origins of red jasper

The red jasper gemstone can be plucked or picked from all sections of the earth. From the rainforest of Brazil through the deserts of Australia, the stone can also be found in Madagascar and the United States.

6. Kyanite

KyaniteThe kyanite crystal, which can be sourced from quartz, boasts a translucent look; it comes in green, black, orange, and blue shades. This gemstone is associated mainly with healing and logical thinking.

Considered an aluminum silicate mineral, kyanite is believed to be vibrating highly and should be able to give you that feel-good flow. With these vibrations, it also works quite well on blockages.

Kyanite also brings about strong connections to Aries, along with friendship, loyalty, and compassionate communication. In terms of its physical healing properties, the stone is said to be an excellent natural pain reliever. It also helps you lower blood pressure and deals with inflammation.

The kyanite stone is also regarded as the most calming, healing crystal. So if your nerves are roused, or you’re prone to anxiety, the stone can aid you in alleviating these sensations.

How to use kyanite as the best healing crystal for Aries?

Whether you use kyanite as gemstone jewelry, bladed crystals, or in the form of tumbled stone in the confines of your home, this stone can, either way, provide you beauty, balance, and higher spiritual connection, among other benefits.

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Origins of kyanite

The kyanite crystal can be found across the globe, mainly in Switzerland, Kenya, India, Brazil, Russia, and even in the US. But it is in Greece where this stone originated.

7. Moonstone

MoonstoneA variety of the feldspar mineral group, moonstone boasts sodium potassium aluminum silicate and features that pearly, opal-like look. It also comes in shades of orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and rainbow. Its popular versions are in white and gray.

Moonstone perennially associates itself with feminine energy. It also entails new beginnings and a tool for divine wisdom.

Moonstone’s physical healing properties are believed to assist fertility issues, PMS, and hormonal balance. On the other hand, it can encourage balance and harmony while comforting Aries users, especially in times of change.

Moonstone is said to deepen your psychic abilities and connect your third eye and with the crown chakras.

How to use moonstone as the best healing crystal for Aries?

You can either place a piece of the moonstone crystal near your bed or underneath the mattress if you intend to balance or increase feminine emotions or invite receptivity into your energies.

The moonstone crystal can also be used as jewelry for chakra cleansing and welcoming change. Thanks to its rich feminine energy, moonstone can also bring healing vibes right into your home. For one, you may place it in areas where your family’s tensions usually run high. For more “creative play,” you can also put it in workspaces and studios.

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Origins of moonstone

The moonstone crystal can be sourced from many different areas in the world, particularly in Norway, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The stone can also be found in Australia’s vast expanse.

8. Blue Lace Agate

Deemed as a variation of a quartz mineral and banded Chalcedony, blue lace shines in hues of blue, from sapphire blue to light and very light colors. You will also find some traces of brown in it.

Blue lace is mainly associated with a sense of renewal. However, the stone has also been linked recently to unity, cleansing, hope, protection, harmony, positivity, purification, promptness, and truth, among other things.

The blue lace crystal is also linked to the heart chakra. With this, it can aid you in opening up energy levels, especially those associated with giving and receiving unconditional love.

The blue lace crystal is also a symbol of freedom and serenity. It can lower your stress levels and boost your immunity system. As it is said to aid you in verbalizing yourself properly and communicating more effectively, the crystal can benefit Aries users who struggle from stage fright.

How to use blue lace agate as the best healing crystal for Aries?

Aries can use the blue lace crystal in a variety of ways. For instance, it can be displayed in an area in your house where effective communication is needed. If you plan to perform or speak in public, you can also carry it in your pocket.

The most popular way to use the blue lace crystal is by wearing it through a pendant around your neck or adjacent to the throat and heart chakras.

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Origins of blue lace agate

The blue lace crystal is considered to be rare. Nevertheless, the crystal has recently been found in South America. It has also been discovered in India, Brazil, China, South Africa, and the US.

Final thoughts

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries justly represents new beginnings. As such, it is hardly surprising that its crystal users can be real-life pioneers.

But just like most other signs, Aries can also experience wobbly moments. The crystals I have listed aren’t only intended to strike a balance in the process. Ultimately, these crystals can bring about many advantages that allow you to enjoy life a little more steadily. 

In the end, I hope you have found yourself one or few options that speak to you the most in this list of best healing crystals for Aries, and make it your companion on the journey to become a better version of yourself.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger