How To Use Crystal Pyramids for Healing, Chakra Balancing & Reiki

There are many reasons why the popularity of crystal pyramids has skyrocketed lately. Their tantalizing physicality aside, these geometrical wonders have come to enamor those who seek healing. Today, we will look into just that: How to use crystal pyramids for healing. 

And as the discussion soon evolves, you will transcend their healing properties as I’ll be touching on a slew of topics that delve into the effects of these pyramids in yoga, meditation, and even beauty.

What are crystal pyramids?

crystal pyramidsCrystal pyramids are beautiful crystals that are shaped into, well, a classic pyramid! Since they were discovered, pyramids have already been considered as potent symbols. They have also been found throughout many cultures and beliefs around the world — with the Ancient Egyptians as their major proponents. 

Accordingly, the shape of crystal pyramids represents a solidified, earth-related foundation on their base. On the other hand, the top of these pyramids signifies the higher realms of consciousness.

Nowadays, crystal pyramids are used to enhance crystals and their healing properties. These pyramids are also widely believed to be known for their cleansing and purifying powers. Other circles also suggest that crystals can be charged more powerfully when situated by or in a pyramid structure.

Ultimately, crystal pyramids are thought to bring many benefits, whether they are only kept for their beauty or used as part of your healing rituals.

How do crystal pyramids generate energy?

crystal pyramidsCrystal pyramids generate energy from the universe and work their way down to their users via the apex. These inner workings are also believed to be the reason why the pyramids in Egypt feature a considerable energy vortex. 

Meanwhile, large pyramid structures can also be found in the Amazon rainforest; in the past, the Native Americans were also found to have lived in tee-pee tents, structured as pyramids — accumulating energy while reinvigorating humans inside.

Pyramid healing power: What is it?

Pyramids have always been associated with their potent healing properties of preservation. For instance, the pyramids in Egypt were built to preserve the mummified remains of its ancient leaders. History reveals that the items inside these pyramids were known to last longer than they were supposed to.

Another habit linked to pyramids’ healing power is the placement of foods and water. Today, some users place crystal pyramids in their refrigerators to attain healing results. These same pyramids are also thought to provide similar results when placed in your water.

Crystal pyramids and their metaphysical healing properties

Crystal pyramidsAs the planet earth has already begun shifting in terms of evolution in thought and energy, right from the third to fourth dimensions, the need to own a holy crystal pyramid has become more apparent. With one of these, it is believed to bring significant changes to both our physical and soul bodies.

Crystal pyramids are also widely accepted to allow their users to cope with bodily changes. Moreover, these pyramids aid humans by increasing vibration and frequency, components that enable us to keep up with the natural universal progression.

How to use crystal pyramids?

There are many ways to use crystal pyramids, but none of them are as powerful when you use them through these approaches:

  1. If you intend to energize and preserve your food, place crystal pyramids in your fridge.
  2. For good health and physical preservation, pyramid elixirs, when consumed, are believed to bring these benefits.
  3. Crystal pyramids can be placed inside your bedroom for youth and beauty preservation.
  4. You can also use a crystal pyramid to focus on when you do yoga.
  5. You can program crystal pyramids with reiki intentions to attract love, healing, and money.
  6. For clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration, use crystal pyramids during meditation.
  7. Crystal pyramids are also widely used when it comes to healing your aura and seven chakras.

How do I use crystal pyramids for energy healing?

Crystal pyramids can be used for energy healing in numerous ways.

1.Creating a grid

crystal pyramidsSurround your bed, bath, or body with crystal pyramids while you’re asleep. Alternatively, you can also place these pyramids around you during meditation. 

When you create such grids, it is believed that the accompanying energy will both heal and reinforce the aura. This allows users to keep negative energies at bay.

Now, does the accompanying grid have to be special? No. So long as these pyramids surround you and aren’t too far from you, the healing energy should still benefit you.

2. Placing pyramid crystals on your body

crystal pyramidsAnother way to benefit from your crystal pyramids’ energy-healing properties is by placing them on your body. So, how does one do this?

If a part of your body is specifically in pain or is struggling from inflammation or other problems, placing a pyramid on or adjacent to this area is thought to alleviate the suffering; as it is, this also aids the healing process.

This process is believed to clear and energize the pyramid users’ energy centers.

For the rightful aficionados, it is suggested that users coordinate crystal pyramids to their appropriate energy center. For one, using a chakra pyramid set will allow you to unite gemstones that feature orgonite properties and the chakra-balancing components of certain hues.

3. Coming up with a healing elixir

crystal pyramidsCrystal healers have always sworn by the potency of gem elixirs. For the uninitiated, gem elixirs are prepared by placing a gem directly in a glass vessel in a larger container of water or demineralized water.

When gem elixirs are prepared, the water is said to absorb the crystal’s energetic properties. Consequently, this creates a potent liquid that enables users to absorb the efficacy of a crystal.

On the other hand, healers suggest the use of pyramids. You can do this by placing them along with a vessel of water before setting them in the sun. While early morning sunlight is gaining popularity these days, you can also put together elixirs through the use of light that emanates from the full moon.

However, you must allow the water to absorb the energy that comes through the pyramid. You can also consume it or put it inside a spray bottle and spritz your aura with it. Other users also add it to their food or beverages.

4. Keeping a pyramid in your home

Easily one of the more popular ways to heal your energies through crystal pyramids is by placing one or two in your rooms. This is especially true if these rooms are where you would mostly find yourself. 

Placing crystal pyramids in your home also allows your plants to grow more vigorously.

How do I use crystal pyramids during meditation?

crystal pyramidsWhen meditating with crystal pyramids, it is suggested that you place them directly in your hand, right in front of you, as you get yourself engaged in your session. 

If you’re in a meditation space, crystal pyramids can be situated anywhere in the room. The same can be said in sacred areas.

According to crystal healers, the pyramids vibrate naturally at a spiritual level as it is an essential component of sacred geometry. The produced energy then allows you to experience raised vibrations. Subsequent to this is the progression of spiritual development.

For others, there are no “wrong” approaches to meditating with crystal pyramids. However, a few pointers shouldn’t hurt. Here are some of them:

  1. Setting your intention

When setting your intention, it is imperative that you know what you want to focus on during meditation. That being said, you must also ascertain what it is that you hope to feel. 

Choose a crystal or a combination of crystals that you feel like you’re already drawn to with these intentions. 

1. Picking a track or song

Some users who are into meditation also play sounds in the background. Others also prefer to chant; then there are those who intend to meditate in silence.

2. Placing the crystal pyramids in the “right” hand

As your right hand is considered the most respected hand, placing these pyramids in it is the most preferred among believers. 

There are also those who meditate with crystal pyramids that place them in both hands. According to them, such a placement allows them to feel more organic.

3. Incorporating your body

How does one incorporate his or her body when meditating with crystal pyramids? For starters, it is encouraged that you lay them on your body before laying down and putting on some meditative track.

It is also suggested that you put these crystals on bodily areas associated with the many chakras or energy centers. If you intend to ground yourself into the space you’re in, placing a crystal on your third-eye chakra, which is situated between your eyes on your forehead, is a great place to start with this objective.

4.Go slow and get comfortable

Allow time to process anything during meditation with your crystal pyramids. This act is best coupled with finding a relaxing space as you listen to the interactions these stones are sending.

How do I use crystal pyramids while doing yoga?

crystal pyramidsYoga requires those in session to have a high level of focus, especially when keeping poses. With this needed focus coming into play, crystal pyramids are at a vantage point as they provide a focal element that anchors your attention.

Crystal pyramids, as such, are considered an excellent yoga tool. With this provision aside, these crystals are also said to assist in increasing the user’s vibration, not only physically but also responsible for increasing the spiritual side of things. 

Yoga and crystal pyramids are also adjacent to each other as both maintain and improve your physical and mental well-being.

But how does one make use of crystal pyramids while performing yoga? To gain benefits from these crystals, it is suggested that you keep one or two within your sight range. Having one in your direction allows you to concentrate.

How to use crystal pyramids to preserve youth and beauty?

One of the surefire ways to preserve your youth and beauty with the use of crystal pyramids is by placing them in your bedroom. These crystals are believed to bring their users good and restful sleep, which ultimately affects your appearance.

Another way to make use of crystal pyramids in this regard is by putting them near your mirror or where you perform self-care. 

Concocting an elixir out of your favorite crystal pyramids is another way of bringing you good health and robust physicality. To prepare one, you are encouraged to place a crystal pyramid adjacent to your water jug. Next, keep this stone in place for the next few hours as it is thought to revitalize the water supply. When consumed, this gives a direct benefit to your body.

Which crystal pyramid healing stone do I need?

1.Black tourmaline orgone

Black tourmaline orgoneAs the black tourmaline orgone is considered an energy purifier, you can only be sure that it heals many things.

At the top of the list is its ability to cleanse your aura that might already be marred by poor and negative thoughts. This is especially helpful when these thoughts keep you awake at night.

Black tourmaline orgone is also thought to be capable of alleviating anxiety among its users. When relieving stress, it is advised that you keep these pyramids in both your hands.

Meanwhile, the black tourmaline can keep you away from toxic energies while helping you feel more grounded and secure. The stone is said to transmit all these negative energies into positive ones. As it is regarded as an essential cleaner, this type of crystal pyramid can help you access your full potential.

How to use black tourmaline orgone crystal pyramid?

When using this crystal during meditation, you can incorporate a few deep breaths with it, as this should bring you tranquility and stability. As it is, chaos and confusion go down the drain. 

These crystals can also be placed near computers along with other electronics. These should absorb electromagnetic radiation.

2.Amethyst pyramid

Amethyst pyramidOne of the most powerful crystals in the world, there is no wonder why the pyramid version of amethyst is also well regarded in this section.

Amethyst pyramids are also noted for their ability to calm emotions and anxiety while reducing stress in the process. They are also used to induce harmony and inject optimism and insight. 

The amethyst pyramid is likewise believed to regulate issues that are related to blood; it can also cure breathing problems.

How to use the amethyst pyramid?

You may hold an amethyst pyramid in your hand while meditating. This process activates your third eye. 

If you’re a student who wants to improve concentration, placing an amethyst pyramid within your range can be helpful.

Amethyst pyramids can also be placed on top of your desk, on your nightstand, or any other areas in which a boost of healing energies is needed. Sleeping next to one is also advised.

Final thoughts

As you might have already gleaned from our discussion, knowing how to use crystal pyramids for healing isn’t the only detail you must remember when dealing with these potent stones.

All in all, crystal pyramids can be enjoyed through various uses, all of which prove to be beneficial, especially when one knows how to make the best out of these individual experiences.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger