7 Types Of Stones For Anxiety Disorders

Are you wondering: Am I needing healing crystals for anxiety? Stress? 

Many people in today's society are facing anxiety. According to research before 2020, there are up to 40 million adults or nearly a quarter of people have an anxiety disorder in some way. I'm sure in these particularly stressful times, the number of people with anxiety disorders is even higher.

1. Anxiety disorders and how to overcome them

Anxiety itself is a very normal mental or emotional response when you are faced with stressful, dangerous or unclear situations.

Anxiety is a feeling of lack of alertness, discomfort, and tension. It is the result of your mind and body being put on a "protection" mechanism from danger.

The problem is when anxiety becomes overwhelming, when fear and uncertainty about the future or the unknown arise continuously. Neither the body nor the mind have a chance to de-stress and relax. This creates a vicious cycle of being in a state of anxiety for long periods of time that can become debilitating.

People with anxiety disorders can be filled with negative emotions. These inner turmoils can bring on feelings of fear and sometimes extreme discomfort. This is amplified by the overstimulation of the modern world and an almost continuous stream of news through programs and media.

So if you are feeling anxious or stressed right now. Please know that you are not alone. You should also know that there are ways to help you relieve anxiety, eliminate stress. One of those ways is to use certain suitable stones.

Stones are friends from nature

Rocks are our natural friends from the Mineral Kingdom. They were formed deep within the Earth. Because of this origin, they hold the pattern of profound presence. That's why they can help you access and focus your energy if anxiety strikes.

Crystals also have angels of light present in the spiritual world behind them. The higher celestial bodies behind this crystal have an amazing amount of supportive, guiding, and healing light.

Mother Nature is a powerful healer

In addition to combating anxiety with crystals (which we'll dive into in depth), Mother Nature herself is an incredible ally. Nature brings powerful healing to the Earth.

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to combat anxiety.

Forest bathing” (a psychotherapy that involves immersing yourself in the space of the forest to heal). Or simply spend time breathing in the woods. This is being researched and scientifically proven to improve positive emotions. It also relieves stress, anger, fatigue, depression, confusion and anxiety.

Living in complete harmony with nature is almost impossible in our time. And if you live in a bustling city. You can't get rid of your anxiety by being still and breathing in nature. Crystals can be a great alternative.

Using crystals to relieve anxiety

Each type of crystal has properties. It has unique healing powers. It promotes the flow of life energy through your body, mind and spirit.

There are almost innumerable crystals that can be used to combat stress and anxiety. But here I'll share with you some of my top picks to help with anxiety.

7 types of stones to help soothe and reduce anxiety

Blue Lace Agate 

Blue Lace Agate exudes an energy of stillness and peace. This makes it an excellent stone to combat nervous tension and anxiety. It is a great teacher so you can learn how to remain calm and peaceful in the midst of challenging, objectively stressful situations.

Admire the gentle blue band of blue agate. It can have an almost instant calming effect on your mind and emotions. This makes it an excellent stone to help calm an overworked mind. Calms the mind and dissipates stressful energy.

Blue Agate also helps pave the way for you to be able to communicate with your true self. It even helps you open up communication with the angelic realms. Those who send you love, peace and blessings every moment.

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Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of the heart. It has resonant energies to help harmonize, protect, heal and even bring about awakening.

The bright green energy of Green Aventurine is particularly calming. It can be an incredible friend to deal with emotional problems, reducing stress and anxiety. The vibrational frequency and energy of green quartz also remind you. About the ability to co-create with the soul through love, blessings, and joy in the future.

This is an excellent stone for meditation because of its focusing and calming properties.

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Green Calcite 

Green Calcite brings the energy of serenity, calmness and balance. This makes it a great friend. No helps calm your emotions, reduce anxiety. And bring about a sense of mental balance, accepting the moment of reality.
Green Calcite also has the effect of dissolving negative energies. Narrow, distorted beliefs are weighing on you. Or cause you greater anxiety in life.
Connect with green Calcite when you need healing energy. Or for support in cultivating mental and emotional balance in all situations.


Moonstone has a deeply soothing energy. Not only can help you eliminate stress and anxiety. It is also a great companion to calm emotional storms and overreactions.

Moonstone also aids in enhancing intuition. It helps you identify, understand, and release limiting mental and emotional patterns. Which has been causing harm to yourself.

Assistance in overcoming toxic emotional patterns. This is what makes moonstone a valuable crystal for dealing with anxiety. Moonstone also has a divine Feminine energy. It's great for women to use to connect or use around the moon.

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Tiger's Eye 

Tiger's Eye is a powerful resonance stone with the 3rd chakra - the solar plexus chakra. Or the center of will power. Because of this connection, tiger's eye can help you tap into your personal strengths.

This makes tiger's eye a great friend to manifest what you desire to experience. It also brings courage and the light of change (a great counterpoint to anxiety).

Tiger's eye also has very good protective energy. Through its ability to assist with the transformation of feelings of anxiety and stress into confidence and vitality.


Amethyst is one of the famous healing crystals. It is most loved due to its extremely versatile energy.

Amethyst brings calm and peaceful energy. It can help regulate your energy as well as your surroundings.

Through the presence of Amethyst can help you get rid of anxiety. And replace it with a sense of peace and momentary awareness.

Besides, amethyst can help you reconnect with the energy of the universe. When you allow that energy to flow through you. It will bring healing as well as blessings to your life on every level.

How to use crystals to heal and reduce anxiety

The stones work on several levels. Some ways to harness the healing energy of stones with anxiety include:

Put stones in your space

First, stones work through vibrational frequencies. This means that there is only one stone near you. It has been found to be effective in helping you reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

This is because the stone has a pattern on how to gently relieve stress. And the vibrational frequencies "teach" you to do the same.

Placing stones on your desk or around the house can help create a calm and peaceful environment.

Meditation with healing crystals reduces anxiety

One of the best ways to absorb the healing energy of the stone is to meditate. Go within and connect with the energy of the stone (and the higher energies behind it) through meditation.

Hold a stone in your left hand while meditating to aid in calmness and reduce stress and anxiety.

You can also place ice cubes on top of your body while meditating. Or place them next to them for extra support during meditation.

Wear crystal jewelry

Wearing stone jewelry is a great way to get daily support. When you begin to notice signs of stress, anxiety, etc. Pay attention to the energy of the stone you are wearing.

In the morning, when you put them on, work with consciousness. Think of the things that you hope the stone will assist you with. This can give you a confidence boost and lay the foundation for positive energy throughout the day.

You can use stone jewelry as an anchor to be present in the moment and release negative thoughts and emotions as they arise.

Create an Anchor Using Healing Crystals for Anxiety

A popular and effective method to reduce anxiety is to use anchors.

Anchor is a form of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP Technique) to align a certain state of mind/emotion with an external stimulus.

Once an anchor is created, the emotional state can then be intentionally activated by interacting with an external stimulus.

Here's how you can use your healing crystals for anxiety disorders:

First, identify a positive emotional state to trigger in the face of anxiety or worry. For example: courage, peace, quiet.

Keep your chosen stone for anxiety relief. And begin to evoke the positive emotional state you want to anchor. Example: Hold a tiger's eye stone in your hand and recall a time when you felt confident, strong, and centered.

When the desired emotional state is reached, stabilize it by squeezing the stone hard in your hand, this “helps to hold on to that positive emotion”. Remember in which hand you are holding the stone and how tight you are squeezing it as you will repeat this exact action in the future to create the positive emotional state you want.

Put the stone down and spend a few minutes doing something completely unrelated.
Pick up the stone and squeeze it to rekindle the emotion you've nurtured. Feel the confidence, strength, and emotional focus you have consciously cultivated and embedded in your act of squeezing this stone.

Remember that you have the ability to return to this process to rekindle that positive emotion any time you need to. Next time you feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, pick up your healing crystals for anxiety, squeeze it, and consciously evoke the positive emotional state you've planted.

Hope these are helpful to you! With love and best wishes!


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger