10 Best Crystals to Boost Mood and Balance Your Emotions

There is no doubt that the hustle and bustle of the modern world have brought as many opportunities out in the open. As it happens, achieving a work-life balance might very well present a conundrum as we juggle these moments.

With a helluva of responsibilities already in front of us, the use of self-help techniques like yoga, acupuncture, and meditation have all come to light. Another technique that has gone on to reach new heights of popularity is through crystals.

The use of crystals to attain balance in our daily lives has been met with widespread praise among its users. For them, such inclusion remains a significant step, especially in learning how to alleviate stress naturally. Ultimately, these same crystals are believed to be capable of restoring that much-needed balance right in your energetic field.

However, maintaining and healing your electromagnetic field balance can be quite a challenge for some. This is especially true if you’re not equipped with the right crystals. The same can be said for those who might not have the best ideas on how to make use of them.

With the right accompaniment, however, these crystals shall bring aid to your life — through cleansing and bringing that sense of peace and calm. Among the bodily parts that are thought to benefit from these are the brain, lungs, kidney, and heart.

1. How to use crystals in your daily rituals

crystals in your daily ritualsCrystal users swear by the balancing effects crystals can bring to your life when you include them in your daily rituals. Along with balance, these crystals are also said to boast a healing effect on your body, which likewise produces positive energy.

Incorporating crystals in your schedule also helps improve mood; enhancement of creativity is also among its benefits.

One of the most effective methods for crystal users to achieve balance is to get in touch with these stones by employing daily meditation. When crystals are amalgamated in your routine, the energies that emanate from them balloon and expand.

These crystals can also be placed under your pillow cases before hitting the sack. This technique helps you experience deep sleep; it is also believed to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. 

If stress and unevenness hamper your energies, you can also place certain crystals in your drinking water. Alternatively, you can submerge them in your bath water. 

2. How to use and harvest energy from crystals

energy from crystalsOptimizing the benefits of crystals is essential, especially if you intend to transcend the experience of their potential. One way to accomplish this is to ensure you use and harvest their energies correctly.

Perhaps the most popular way to perform this is by exposing it to nocturnal light or natural air. Accordingly, this allows the energies from these crystals to be purified.

Exposure to the right components isn’t the only way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your crystals. Adopting the right kind of attitude when you’re dealing with them is also key.

You can start incorporating this by focusing on healing crystals. Also, ascertain that the stones are open — ensuring that these crystals feature an even surface without any seams or inclusions. This is crucial as once these stones aren’t taken care of, they might be rendered ineffective.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you worked with your crystals with the right attitude. For instance, if your attitude isn’t in balance when using these stones, their potency in healing and treatments can be hindered in the process.

3. 10 Best Crystals to Boost Mood

3.1 Turquoise

TurquoiseAt the top of my list is turquoise.

Known as a “balancer” among crystals, turquoise is an amulet stone that brings peace, tranquility, and protection. It also benefits your overall mood and emotion by introducing a sense of serenity.

Turquoise can also be used to relieve stress and bring focus all the way to the center of your heart. Apart from its balancing properties, this crystal is believed to be empathetic and can help you recognize the root causes of happiness and unhappiness, allowing you to master these energies accordingly.

As turquoise is considered a potent Barrier Buffer Amulet, this crystal is also capable of helping its users focus while amplifying their efforts to veer away from undesirable elements. 

How to use turquoise

Ideally, the turquoise crystal is worn throughout the day. This allows you to shield yourself from harmful elements and heal in the process. As it is, turquoise crystals used as necklaces and earrings are encouraged.

3.2 Chrysocolla

ChrysocollaAnother balancing stone on earth that you can take advantage of is Chrysocolla. The stone is said to be capable of stimulating the user’s initiative qualities, releasing the accompanying distress down the line. 

On the other hand, when you’re already attuned to the universe, the chrysocolla crystal is bound to provide insights vital for body re-alignment, along with intellect and emotions. With this, balance and self-awareness are emanated, enhancing your personal power.

The chrysocolla crystal is also thought to promote level-headedness, an admirable quality in the realm of balance. This also encourages clarity of thought while a calm attitude is harnessed.

How to use chrysocolla

The chrysocolla stones are associated with the throat chakra and communication. As such, they are most effective when placed close to your throat.

Alternatively, you may achieve clarity when chrysocolla is placed mainly in rooms where communication is used.

3.3 Garnet

GarnetThe garnet crystal is another contender in this category. 

Lined to the root and heart chakra, the garnet crystal is thought to support your cardiovascular system. It also strengthens your spleen and lungs and even cures spinal issues. At the core, it helps users correct issues that may cause imbalance and lack of focus.

The garnet crystal can also restore your energy field, alleviate stress and anxiety, and promote mental focus. The gemstone is also believed to reduce depression, and for the most ancient of beliefs, it can protect bearers from poison.

Garnet is also notable for being the stone of protection and manifestation. When one wears it, it can keep negative thoughts at bay.

How to use garnet

This deep and glowing, dark red stone can be used in many ways to achieve balance and harmony. One of the most popular ways is to use them as earrings — this balances your upper chakras.

You may also meditate with garnet pyramids to access the wisdom of the past, allowing you to release energies that do not serve you well at the moment.

3.4 Calcite

CalciteFor complete alignment, the use of calcite gems is encouraged.

Calcite comes in many hues, such as orange, blue, black, and red, making it a popping fashion statement when worn.

Essentially, calcite gems help you manifest emotional balance, with the black variety helping most users struggling with depressive moods. On the other hand, the blue version eases anxious thoughts, while the orange calcite provides you a dose of courage in challenging times. The pink and red calcite gems are noted as bringers of forgiveness and better understanding, respectively.

How to use calcite

To allow some balancing in your chakras, it is suggested that a crystal grid is created featuring all shades of calcite. You may also choose one of these hues that you’re attuned with. Then, that is when you can meditate with it while resting on the chakra the color links with.

3.5 Clear quartz

Clear quartzAs translucent as it is bright like ice, clear quartz is also the ultimate amplifier on our list. Known as the “master healer,” this crystal is noted for its capability to bring focus and clarity to its users, allowing you to balance your chakras.

The clear quartz crystal, a mineral made of oxygen and silicon atoms, should also swathe you only the most potent of positive vibrations. The same can be said when you intend to cleanse your soul deeply and enhance your patience. The crystal can also provide prosperity to users who are getting attuned quietly with spiritual energy.

Other benefits of the clear quartz crystal include clearing toxins, stimulating the immune system, protecting against negative energies, and connecting with all the chakras.

How to use clear quartz

To incorporate balance in your life with clear quartz, you can either place them under your pillow at night or on top of an altar or sacred place. You can use it as decor. When worn, it is encouraged that you use it as a bracelet.

Clear quartz crystal can also be used when you’re especially stuck in decision-making. Tune with it until you come up with an answer.

3.6 Rose Quartz

rose-quartz-crystals-and-seashellIts enticing glow and softness aside, the rose quartz crystal is adored by many for a variety of reasons — most of which come from how beneficial it is when you plan to master incorporating empathy into your daily routine.

The rose quartz crystal is noted for strengthening bonds of self-love to expand our understanding. So if you look to balance yourself in this regard, this gemstone is encouraged to be used.

Meanwhile, the rose quartz is believed to be one of the bringers of self-worth and encompassing energy, with balance right in the core.

How to use rose quartz

Rose quartz is best utilized when you feel held back by blockages and barriers. If you also feel like you’re being tied down to a thought for quite some time, the stone is thought to help you move from frustration to love and forgiveness.

You can add rose quartz crystals to your beauty routine, hold them while you meditate, and include them in your rituals to get the most potent benefits out of them. Additionally, most wearers are donning themselves with rose quartz through a necklace.

3.7 Citrine

CitrineLike a breath of fresh air, citrine crystals are also as pure as they are sweet.

Famed for its bright energy, citrine crystals can help you direct the solar plexus into balance. The stone is also a giver of abundance; it can manifest your dreams and boost your confidence.

Citrine crystals are also associated with optimism and positivity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the crystals themselves emanate this cheerful, warming color. If you plan to impart flexibility into your schedule and energy, this crystal can also provide you with it while opening you to new experiences.

How to use citrine

Apart from balance and abundance, citrine crystals, when worn, can also relieve tension — both in your physical and emotional bodies. The stone can also provide its bearers with realignment while manifesting the best version of themselves.

Meditating with it is the easiest way to get the best out of citrine.

3.9 Tiger’s Eye

 Tiger’s EyeShrouded in black and gold hues, the tiger's eye is well-known for its powerful energy. As it happens, the stone is also a powerful bringer of balance.

Accordingly, the tiger’s eye crystal can enable users to marry their physical well-being with the often-needed spiritual leaping. This is done by boosting your core center while merging all the wild tangents and threads. Finally, this creates harmony in the body and mind.

The tiger’s eye stone is also a favorite among those who want to alleviate anxiety and restore confidence. On the other hand, the crystal can also be used to increase your vitality and wealth.

How to use tiger’s eye

Loyal bearers of tiger’s eye crystals swear by their potency, especially when they always place them by their side.

If one needs extra energy and courage, you can carry, wear, or place the tiger’s eye crystal next to your workspace. 

3.9 Jade

JadeEffervescent in hues of deep green, the jade stone breathes cool-headed energy into its owners.

Also considered a stone of sublime good luck, the green jade crystal is also said to net you wealth and abundance. Along with its magnetic qualities to money, the crystal is likewise essential for those who want to balance the nervous system while grounding their bodies as well.

Jade is also best for bearers who intend to calm and soothe themselves. The stone can eliminate fear, as it comforts you and calls for benevolence.

How to use jade

As jade crystals feature a vibration that shifts blockages and provides users cleansing through the heart center, they are suggested to be worn and should be adjacent to the heart.

The easiest way to keep the jade crystal all-powerful and beneficial is wearing an item of jewelry made out of it. And as it is associated with the heart chakra, getting a pendant with the stone is encouraged.

3.10 Fluorite

FluoritWithout a doubt one of the most rainbow-bright crystals on my list, fluorite also boasts many versions, which make it an easy choice among those who want to harbor a collection.

And as you should be: Fluorite is capable of bringing structure and stability to its users who also happen to be lacking these components for quite some time. 

The fluorite crystal is also said to be cleansing and purifying your body and mind — stabilizing emotions down the line.

How to use fluorite

Fluorite is known as an excellent balancer of all chakras. As it is, the crystal can be used in numerous ways. You can either place it in your home, right next to your bed or work desk, or meditate with it on your lap, hands, and close to your body.

The simplest way to maximize its benefits is to wear fluorite as jewelry — earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

4. Final thoughts

Balance through these crystals is truly essential to be incorporated into our daily routines and can have a massive impact, especially when used in ways that are only just and proper.

I have high hopes you’ll finally find that sought-after stability once you start choosing any of these crystals. And if you’re feeling extra, have it your way and collect, prosper, and thrive. 

Pick some of the names in this list of best crystals to boost mood on our site and start your journey to balance.


"That we find a crystal means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." 

John Berger